Top Entertainment Journalists – The 2021 List

The world of entertainment is a fast-changing environment, which means getting your news out there can be incredibly challenging. Having the right entertainment journalists on your media list is essential in helping you to secure the best coverage possible. 

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Using this resource, we selected some of the top journos you want to be in touch with. Read on! 

The most influential entertainment journalists 

Brynne Ramella 


Brynne is one of the most recognized freelance entertainment journalists in the industry, and her work has been published across a wide range of titles, including CBR, Screen Rant, and The Playlist. She covers a wide range of entertainment topics, including covering TV and movies. 

She can regularly be found tweeting about the latest TV shows to watch alongside sharing the latest entertainment news from across America and beyond. 

Rachel Syme

Staff Writer at New Yorker

Rachel is a staff writer for The New Yorker, and she is responsible for covering some of the biggest entertainment stories for the title. She has previously interviewed a range of celebrities, from Lady Gaga to Jamie Lee Curtis, and her articles have appeared in the New York Times, GQ, Esquire, and Vanity Fair. 

She joined the paper in 2012, and she regularly focuses on modern entertainment stories that cover a wide range of background, from household names to key influencers. 

Jane Mayer

Staff Writer at New Yorker

Jane has been a staff writer at The New Yorker since 1995 and is the magazine’s chief Washington correspondent, covering a wide range of topics, including culture, politics, and national security. Before joining The New Yorker, she worked at the Wall Street Journal, where she was the paper’s first White House reporter. 

Alongside being a famous entertainment journalist, she is also a best-selling author, most famous for her book, “Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right”. She has also won numerous awards and honors throughout her career for both her reporting and books. 

Ezra Marcus 

New York Times

Ezra is a freelance writer and reporter who primarily writes for the New York Times, although his work has also featured on AOL, Vice, Noisey, and Thump. Ezra regularly covers a wide range of entertainment topics, from celebrity biographies and features to the latest music releases. 

Considered one of the most up-and-coming entertainment reporters in the industry, Ezra regularly tweets to his 4,000 followers, covering key topics and stories. 

James Walsh 

Star Tribune

James, or Jim as he is often known, is a lead entertainment reporter at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis. He covers a wide range of topics for the title, including regular breaking news and celebrity stories. 

James is considered one of the go-to sources for Minneapolis news, and he has been able to amass over 1,500 followers on Twitter, where he regularly shares the latest articles. 

Natalie Jarvey

The Hollywood Reporter

Natalie is the digital media editor for The Hollywood Reporter and is responsible for covering a wide range of entertainment topics for the outlet. One of the most popular entertainment journalists in the industry, she has over 8,000 followers on Twitter and regularly shares the latest news on upcoming films, TV shows, and celebrities. 

Alongside her work at The Hollywood Reporter, she also writes for the likes of MSN and Billboard. 

Andrew Goldman

Host at The Originals

When it comes to famous entertainment journalists, Andrew Goldman is one of the most recognized names in the industry and is currently the host of The Originals, as well as being a reporter for NY Mag, Vulture, WSJ Mag, and Town and Country. 

Andrew covers a wide range of entertainment topics, from celebrity news and information on the latest movies to insight on key brands. He can regularly be found tweeting a wide range of entertainment news to his thousands of followers on Twitter. 

Nancy O’Dell

Special Contributor at People

Now a special contributor to People, Nancy is most recognized for being the host of Entertainment Tonight for over eight years. Prior to that, she worked as a contributor for Access Hollywood. Her work has seen her cover a wide array of entertainment topics and nowadays, she can be found regularly updating her Twitter account, where she has nearly 385,000 followers.  

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