Top Design Journalists to Cover Your Story – The 2021 List

When it comes to sharing your client’s news, every PR knows the importance of having the right media list. An in-depth list of design journalists can help you to maximize the coverage you secure, ensuring you can maximize brand awareness and reach even more people. 

However, creating a media list can be an incredibly challenging and time-consuming task. Trawling through Twitter, websites, and magazines to find the right contact details for design journalists is a slow process. There is also a high probability that you will be unable to find the details or miss key outlets. 

If you’re looking for top design journalists, you came to the right place.

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The most influential design journalists

Katrina Burroughs, Interiors Editor at The Times and The Sunday Times

Kat is the Interiors Editor at The Times and The Sunday Times. She has been writing articles and content for the home section of these papers for over ten years. She started her career writing for a magazine about stolen art before moving on to the Evening Standard as a resident journalist. 

After her time at the Standard, she went on to write for the How To Spend It section in the Financial Times before moving onto the Times. When she is not writing about interiors, Kat likes to go clay pigeon shooting and Labrador training. 

Katrina Burroughs - Top design journalists
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Claudia Baillie, Editor at Elle 

Currently the Editor for Elle Magazine, Claudia has had a wide and varied career that has primarily surrounded around interiors and home décor. While regularly writing for Elle, Claudia is one of the most respected design journalists in the industry and regularly contributes to the Sunday Times, Evening Standard, Telegraph, and Amara. 

She studied for a foundation degree at the Winchester School of Art before going on to secure a BA (Hons) in Fashion and Apparel Design at the University of the West of England. 

Claudia Baillie - Top design journalists
Source: Twitter

Gabrielle Fagan, PA Media

Gabrielle covers a wide range of topics, from celebrity stories to sports, but her main focus is on design. Currently working for the Press Association, her career has been incredibly varied, and she has written for many of the leading media outlets across the UK and US. 

Nowadays, Gabrielle primarily focuses on interior design and the latest décor trends; however, she does also cover best buys for the latest products. 

Gabrielle Fagan - Top design journalist
Source: Twitter

Tamara Kelly, Digital Editor at Ideal Home

Tamara, or Tam as she is known, is the Digital Editor for the Ideal Home, one of the UK’s leading design websites. As one of the most well-known design journalists in the industry, her career has spanned over two decades, and she has covered everything from fashion to beauty. Nowadays, though, she focuses only on the latest interior design trends. 

Prior to joining Ideal Home, Tamara worked at Country Homes and Interiors and has been part of the award-winning interiors team at both titles. She has covered some of the biggest design shows in the world and is often the first with the latest news. 

Tamara Kelly - Top design journalist
Source: Twitter

Kiera Buckley Jones, Freelancer

Kiera is a highly experienced design journalist and has worked across a wide range of outlets, including Elle and Metro. She has helped put together some of the most influential design shoots in the industry in her role for commission style shoots, but she is also responsible for decorating news and creating interior design profiles. 

She can often be found sharing fantastic images to her thousands of followers on her Instagram account, including exterior and interior design. 

Kiera Buckley Jones - Top design journalist
Source: Twitter

Paul Goldberger, Editor at Vanity Fair 

When it comes to architecture, Paul is one of the most respected design journalists in the industry. Starting his career working across several local papers, Paul was the architecture critic for The New Yorker between 1997 and 2011. 

Nowadays, he contributes to numerous magazines, much of his work remains around Vanity Fair. He is also an award-winning author, having written multiple books on architecture and design. He has also taught at the Yale School of Architecture and the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley, as well as The New School.

Paul Goldberger - Top design journalist
Source: Twitter

Inga Saffron, Critic at Philadelphia Inquirer 

Inga won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Criticism and covers a wide range of design issues, although her primary focus remains on architecture. Her career began in the early 1980s, when she wrote for the Courier News in New Jersey, before moving to the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1984. 

Initially covering news topics, she moved to architecture and design in 1999 and has since won many awards for her articles on the city’s changing skyline. She is famed for her insightful and powerful stories and critiques.

Inga Saffron - Top design journalist
Source: Twitter

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