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Online Newsroom, Blog or Brand Magazine - Do It Your Own Way

Meet the Brand Journal - a real-time interactive template to build your press office, blog or brand magazine.

Online Newsroom Software hero image
Online Newsroom Software hero image

Flexible Design on Your Own Domain

Design customization

Use the Brand Journal to build an online newsroom, blog, standalone website, or whatever you need.

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Professional Freedom

Easy and fast setup

Set it up in 15 minutes. No IT/dev guys needed.

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Engaging Stories

Content publishing 101

Turn your ordinary press releases into stories that journalists will love to work with.

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Key Features

Check what you can get with Prowly Brand Journal

Brand JournalBrand Journal

Building a Newsroom

Design Configuration

Personalize your online newsroom to match your corporate identity.

Social Media Integrations

Streamline your brand’s activities from external channels and change your newsroom into a living communication hub.

Press Assets

Upload pictures, presentations, PDFs, documents, create image galleries and keep them directly in your Press Kit. Storage is unlimited!

Drag and Drop Story Creator

Easily drag and drop your content. Add social media conversations or web sources to make it even more authentic and interactive.

Editorial Calendar

The scheduling feature helps to create an editorial calendar within your team.

Increasing Reach

Lead Generation

Generate leads through newsletter subscriptions. Make the new readers of your Brand Journal stick around longer and keep coming back for more.

External Integrations

Easily integrate different tools for advanced lead generation or analytics with your Brand Journal. All with a single click.


Thanks to SEO management features, you can easily define the main criteria of your Brand Journal’s visibility in search results.

Advanced Analytics

Measure PR results with easy-to-use Prowly analytics module and prove the value of your PR campaigns.


Your Brand Journal looks and works (with a 98/100 page speed score) great on any device, making sure you get the same experience regardless of where you access it from.

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