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Make Your Pitch Drive Insights About Your Audience

Turn your ordinary media lists into live, data-backed audiences. A/B test your distribution & track results. Improve every day.

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Constant Improvement

Media lists management

Empower your media database with CRM dynamic data and instant analytics. Track detailed reactions and follow up only when You need to.

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Personalized mailings

Send emails from your own address. Add a personalized greeting to each contact to make the best impression. Shhhh... No one will know it's a mailing.

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PR teamwork simplified

Collaboration features

Manage tasks, share insights, and collaborate. Access your accounts from every place and every device.

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GDPR Compliance

GDPR Manager

Stay in line with the new data protection regulation. One app is all you need to obtain and manage consents within a reliable, secure environment.

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Key Features

Check what you can get with Prowly Audience Pitch

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CRM for Media Relations

Media Lists Management

Add new contacts, share data, use filters, tags, groups, notes for every contact. Keep your media database GDPR compliant.

Fast and Easy Access to All Data

Create dynamic segments based on contacts data and behavior: email opens, clicks, bounces, and more.

Real-time Measurement

Monitor how people react to your content and drive insights to perform better.

Import & Export Flexibility

We’ve made it easy - just select your media list file and let Prowly do the rest.


Personalized Mailings

No more mailing mishaps. Use personalized email greetings and send campaigns from your own email address.

A/B Testing

Use A/B testing for your emails to find the ultimate pitch headline & copy.

Mailing Scheduler

Schedule your distribution - just pick the right moment and take care of other stuff.

Results on the Go

Monitor how people react to your content and drive insights to perform better.
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Take Your PR Pitching Game to The Next Level

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