Top Education Journalists to Cover Your Story – The 2021 List

The world of education is a continuously changing industry, which means getting your news the coverage it deserves is tough. Ask any PR professional the key to securing the right coverage, and they will tell you that pitching your stories to the right journalists is essential. 

However, finding the right journalists to pitch to can be a challenge. Searching through media outlets and Twitter to find the right education reporters is an incredibly time-consuming task and often results in you missing key journalists. 

Here at Prowly, we understand how important finding the right education journalists is in helping you to achieve more coverage. That is why our media database contains over one million journalists and lets you filter by role, outlet, niche, or location to make sure you find the most relevant media contacts for your news.

Using our database, we picked some of the key reporters covering the education industry we think you shoud be in touch with.

The best education journalists

Evie Blad

Education Week

Evie is the Staff Writer for leading education outlet, Education Week, and she is also a best-selling author as well as a regular blogger on K-12. Evie focuses on education policy alongside state and national education politics. 

Before joining Education Week in 2013, Evie was a lead reporter at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, again covering K-12 topics. She can be regularly found tweeting about educational topics to her 6,000+ followers. 

Andrew Pollack

Bloomberg News

Andrew leads the education and technology sector at Bloomberg News, prior to this focusing on the healthcare sector. His work has appeared across countless media outlets, including the likes of the New York Times, USA Today, Huffington Post, and CNBC. 

Andrew is also a best-selling author and is regularly found tweeting about a wide range of topics to do with education, literacy, and other key topics. 

Michael Vasquez

The Chronicle of Higher Education 

Michael is the senior investigative author at leading educational outlet, The Chronicle of Higher Education. He is one of the industry’s leading education reporters and spearheaded the 2016 education campaign in Politico. 

Prior to joining the Chronicle, he spent 14 years covering educational topics at The Miami Herald, leading a year-long investigation into fraud within Florida’s for-profit educational industries. He is a multi-award-winning education journalist, including receiving two National Headliner Awards. 

Chris Quintana

USA Today

Washington based Chris-Quintana is one of the up-and-coming education reporters within the industry and is currently working as Education Enterprise Reporter at USA Today, specializing in the Higher Education System in America. 

Covering a wide range of issues, from campus topics to educational laws. Prior to joining USA Today, he spent two years at The Chronicle of Higher Education as well as starting his career writing for the Albuquerque Journal. 

Abby Jackson 

Business Insider

Before joining Business Insider, Abby worked as Chief Investment Officer and Treasurer at JPMorgan, and before that, she was working on educational policies in Washing DC. Nowadays, she is one of the leading education reporters and covers a wide range of topics in her role at Business Insider. 

Alongside covering educational stories, she also covers telecommunications and studied for her degree in political science at Yale University, graduating in 2008. 

Dana Goldstein 

The New York Times

Dana is one of the leading education journalists in America, and she is currently acting as the National Correspondent for The New York Times. She regularly covers the impact that educational policies have on families, students, and teachers across the country. Joining the times in 2017, she has covered a number of leading topics, including the teacher walkout movement. 

Alongside her journalism career, Dana is also a best-selling author, thanks to her book “The Teacher Wars: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession”. She has also been nominated as a finalist for The Livingston Award twice. 

Richard Adams

The Guardian

Richard Adams is the Education Editor at the leading UK-based newspaper The Guardian. He covers a wide range of headline news for UK education, and he focuses heavily on research and education policy. Holding the position for over seven years, prior to this he was The Guardian’s Washington journalist, covering a wide range of American political topics. 

Richard achieved his degree at the University of Oxford, and he has also written several published works across a wide range of topics. He currently enjoys nearly 20,000 followers on Twitter and regular posts about key topics in the industry. 

Find even more journalists and outlets

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Photo by Iñaki del Olmo on Unsplash