Top PR Firms in NYC – The 2023 List

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The glitz and the glamor of the Big Apple might be one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, but it is also home to some of the best PR agencies. The top PR firms in NYC are responsible for showcasing some of the most recognizable household brands and celebrities and are renowned for their innovative communication campaigns. 

Covering every possible industry imaginable, the best PR firms in NYC are able to elevate your brand above your competitors. If you are looking to find the very best PR firms in NYC, take a look at some of the most recognizable agencies in the city. 

Top PR agencies in NYC

Goldman McCormick PR

Top PR firms in NYC: Goldman McCormick PR

Based in the heart of Broadway, Goldman McCormick PR are one of the city’s most renowned PR firms. The talented team specializes in traditional PR and media placement, with its clients regularly enjoying coverage and features on TV, print media, and radio. 

The agency was formed in 2010 by experienced PR radio and television professionals, so clients can benefit from their expertise with every campaign. Although their focus is on traditional PR, the agency provides various services, including crisis communications, reputation management, and press conferences. 

Milk & Honey PR

Top PR firm in NYC - Milk & Honey

If you’re looking for an award-winning, passionate PR team in NYC, Milk & Honey PR might be a good fit. The agency started in 2017, and has grown rapidly across London and New York. It might seem small, but the team is definitely big enough to offer specialist expertise – especially when it comes to corporate reputation & brand management, digital PR, and employee relations.

What’s special about Milk & Honey is their unique approach to PR: They don’t work by hours, but rather base their work entirely on results. And it shows – they’ve won awards for 90% of their long-term clients across industries. 


Top PR firms in NYC: 5W PR

The award-winning team at 5W PR provides its clients with a full-service opportunity. Founded over 15 years ago, 5W is one of the best PR firms in NYC and is focused on helping emerging brands, corporations, and individuals establish their presence. 

The agency has extensive knowledge of offering B2B, B2C, crisis communications, and traditional PR campaigns. The team is also able to help clients from a wide background of industries, including consumer brands, corporate groups, food and beverage, and technology. 

21C Media Group 

Top PR firms in NYC: 21C Media Group

With New York the home to many celebrities and performers, 21C Media Group is one of the leading PR firms in NYC for clients operating in the performing arts sector. Named America’s best PR Agency for 2021, 21C Media Group specializes in advocacy, imaging, and publicity for its growing client list. 

Hailed as a ‘cutting-edge agency’ by the New York Times, the team are specialists in helping their clients elevate their popularity through multiple proven techniques. This includes operating traditional PR campaigns, relationship management, and digital marketing. The company was also founded by experienced individuals who all come from the entertainment and arts industry. 

8VA Music Consultancy 

Top PR firms in NYC: 8VA Music Consultancy

Another of the most recognized PR firms in NYC is 8VA Music Consultancy. Founded by passionate music PRs, the agency only works with those entertainment and music-related clients that they believe in, ensuring they enjoy the very best service possible. 

The talented team are all experts in PR and marketing, allowing them to offer full-service PR opportunities. This includes media pitching, communication strategies, marketing, advertising, and crisis communications. Its growing roster of clients regularly achieves coverage in leading media outlets such as BBC News, Forbes, and CNN. 


RF Binder - Top PR agency NYC

When looking for the best public relations agency in New York, RF|Binder is a name that will appear a lot. The full-service agency offers its clients a wide array of PR and marketing services alongside in-depth consulting and is famed for its creativity, strategic campaigns, and in-depth analysis. 

The forward-thinking agency is able to work with brands across a multitude of industries, and although they are headquartered in New York, they have additional offices in Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. 

The Brooks Group 

Top PR firms in NYC: The Brooks Group

Despite being one of the oldest pr consulting firms in New York, The Brookes Group remains one of the most diverse and innovative in the city. Since its launch in 1995, the agency has strived to be as open and welcoming as possible, helping it to create an incredibly diverse roster of clients. 

Thanks to its wide range of services, the agency works with businesses from the hospitality, food, entertainment, travel, and home-related industries, including many household names. The entire team strives to deliver a personalized approach for each client, ensuring they receive the service they require. 

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The best PR agencies in NYC revealed

In the hustle and bustle of New York City, it can be very challenging to stand out from the crowd. That is equally true for businesses and individuals looking to raise their brand awareness, which means partnering with the best PR agency possible is essential. 

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