Top PR Firms in Los Angeles – The 2021 List

With so many options available, finding the best PR firms in Los Angeles is a tough process. There are hundreds of agencies offering PR services, from crisis communications to influencer marketing, which means whatever communication services you need, there will be an LA-based PR firm for you. 

Choosing which of these top PR firms in Los Angeles is right for you will depend on an array of factors, including cost, experience, and area of expertise. While it can be a big investment working with the leading PR agencies, the resulting coverage can transform your business. 

If you’re looking for the best PR firms in Los Angeles, we have taken a look at some of the leading agencies operating in LA.

The Best PR Companies in Los Angeles 

Brenton Way 

In this fast-paced digital world, Brenton Way are experts in providing digital marketing and PR services to clients across Los Angeles. Their world-class team are able to help clients expand their online presence through innovative and ground-breaking campaigns. 

In 2019, the agency was named the UpCity Top Digital Marketing Agency of the year, while the LA-based PR firm has also won countless industry awards over the years. From traditional PR to Search Engine Optimization, the Brenton Way team strives to place their clients ahead of their competitors.  

Brenton Way - Top PR firms in LA


No list of the top PR firms in Los Angeles would be complete without mentioning Edelman. The now global agency is one of the most recognized PR specialists in the world, employing over 6,000 people and working from over 60 offices worldwide. 

No matter whether you work in the technology sector, healthcare, entertainment, or business, the Edelman team will have the knowledge and experience to make sure you stand out from the crowd. The agency was founded in 1952, and since then, they have gone on to win dozens of awards and work with some of the biggest household brands in the world. 

Edelman - Top PR firms in LA

BH Impact 

BH Impact, or B/HI as they are better known, have been providing first-class entertainment PR services for over 30 years. Although they are most recognized for their work in the entertainment industry, their experienced team also provides leading business communications services. 

From corporate and internal communications to influencer marketing and crisis management, the B/HI team is able to provide an array of PR services. The LA-based PR firm also has regular experience in organizing launch events as well as providing clients with media training ahead of interviews. 

BH Impact - Top PR firms in LA

Charmed Public Relations 

Renowned for its laser-focused campaigns, Charmed Public Relations has become one of the most recognized PR firms in Los Angeles. The boutique agency specializes in indie brands and offers an array of services, including product placement, creative marketing, and brand awareness. 

Charmed has a very hands-on approach with its clients, something that is not typically found with the larger agencies. The talented team also provides ghostwriting and sales services, helping their clients to strengthen their brand. 

Charmed Public Relations - Top PR firms in LA

Johnson Public Relations 

LA-based Johnson Public Relations cover the traditional forms of PR, such as print and broadcast, alongside the modern digital and social media strategies. The agency specializes in providing its customers with strategic plans alongside crisis communications. 

With an unrivaled database of financial and business contacts, Johnson Public Relations is able to provide businesses with full reputation management services. 

Johnson Public Relations - Top PR firms in LA

Reputation Management Consultants 

Reputation Management Consultants is one of the most recognized PR agencies in Los Angeles, and their highly experienced team works with journalists from the world’s most respected publications. Packed with former journalists and TV producers, the firm will always know the right story to bring your brand to life. 

The award-winning agency incorporates specialist knowledge, proven PR strategies, and innovative technology to help its clients increase brand awareness. Alongside traditional PR, Reputation Management Consultants also Reputation Management services and crisis control.

Reputation Management Consultants - Top PR firms in LA

The best PR agencies in LA revealed

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Cover photo by Sterling Davis