Prowly #PRChat with Jordanne Pallesen, Owner of Julep Marketing

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Prowly #PRChat is ON! Time for another quick read that lets you see the world through the eyes of a fellow PR professional and get their take on things. 

Today it’s Jordanne Pallesen, the founder of Julep Marketing. As a PR exec, she has worked with an impressive list of clients across industries including finance, apparel & fashion, health & wellness, consumer electronics, and more.

When she’s not creating cool messaging campaigns or securing A-list media coverage, she’s building her own PR Training Program to teach business people to be their own publicists. Between all this, she found time to chat with us. 

What made you create the PR Training Program? Who is it for?

I created the PR Training Program because I was tired of seeing small businesses struggle to share their story and not get featured in the press, simply because they didn’t have the budget for a PR agency. The PR Training Program teaches business owners (and their marketing teams) how to secure interviews and get featured in the media.

What’s your number one tip for securing top-tier media coverage?

Show up as a resource. Journalists and producers are bombarded daily with irrelevant content. Show up authentically and be a resource – it creates a win-win situation.

Jordanne Pallesen - Quote for Prowly Magazine

What’s one successful PR tactic you are using at the moment?

I’m currently subscribing to some of my favorite journalists’ newsletters via Substack. I am amazed by the wealth of knowledge and opportunities they dish daily. It’s incredible!

What skills do you think PRs need to be successful long-term?

Persistence and resilience. It’s important to be persistent when it comes to securing media coverage. And you MUST be resilient because as a PR professional, you get a lot of “no’s,” and it’s essential not to let that set you off course.

How do you go about tracking media coverage and measuring your PR efforts?

I use a variety of metrics to track and measure coverage – things like examining website traffic via Google Analytics, implementing customer surveys, and looking at the brand’s share of voice relative to its competitors.

What is a commonly held belief in public relations that you passionately disagree with?

You must hire a big PR agency to secure top-tier media coverage. I don’t believe in this, and I think all businesses deserve the opportunity to be featured in the press and amplify their story via earned media.

Do you use any software tools in your day-to-day work?

I’m currently using Prowly (big fan!). I also use Coverage Book, Airtable, and Awario. These tools help keep me organized and on track to do great work for clients. I also use Zoom to keep me connected to my clients who are located around the globe.

For me, the silver lining in the pandemic has been Zoom. The connections I’ve made around the world from the comfort of my home office are incredible!

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