Prowly #PRChat with Isaac Mashman, Founder of Mashman Ventures

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Prowly #PRChat is a series of short interviews with some movers and shakers in our industry that you should know about. 

In this chat, we get to know Isaac Mashman, Founder of Mashman Ventures and personal branding maestro. In between working on his new book, running a podcast, writing lots of guest columns, and tons of media appearances, Isaac took the time to give us his take on his own personal brand and a lot more. See what this young hurricane-force PR evangelist has to say about some of the issues of the day. 

In your own words, what is personal branding – and who needs it?

Personal branding is by definition, you! It is who you are personally and professionally. It is the quirky traits and interests you have, and the skills you possess that make you desirable in the market. From the moment you were born, you were given a name that was foundational to your personal brand. When it comes to PR, it’s about leveraging your personal brand into greater access, more contacts, and value for your clients.  

What was the most challenging part of building your personal brand?

The most challenging part of building my personal brand was also the most enjoyable. It was taking myself from a nobody, and developing myself into somebody of interest to the public. It was challenging because I didn’t have any guidance on what I was doing or on my next steps.

Oftentimes, I would take a shot in the dark and see what worked. It was through this trial period I began to understand the foundational aspects of personal branding. I asked myself questions about how I could replicate these results for others. Over time, I became the go-to person in my social circles for branding and began to realize I developed a highly valuable set of skills. Skills that I realized could only grow.

What is a commonly held belief in public relations that you passionately disagree with?

Although this belief is becoming less and less common with time, there is still a delusion that public relations are solely intended to cover up negative press. That our industry is reserved for the rich and powerful that are more interested in their own reputations than the truth. It’s as if you were to ask 100 strangers what they feel towards our industry, at least a handful would respond with “manipulating the truth” or something of that nature.

Public relations is about connecting the consumer to a corporation. The fan to the talent. The supporter of the cause. There are so many positive use cases for PR that many people will unfortunately never see.

What is a tool or channel that PR professionals aren’t using correctly or to its fullest?

Google! I believe professionals in our field should be leveraging the search engine more. Do you need to find new media outlets? Use Google. Do you have a question regarding market behavior? Use Google. Don’t know how to pitch yourself? Use Google. If you have the awareness to know that you don’t know something, you, therefore, have the awareness to be able to seek out a solution.

What is something you or your team have recently achieved that you’re really proud of?

Last year I brought on a good friend of mine and talented individual, Eric Chow, to help me build the consultancy side of Mashman Ventures. As Chief Consultant of the firm, his role is to go out and consult clients of his own, and I’m really proud to say he has done and is doing just that. It is one thing to see success for yourself, but to see those you care about have successes of their own? Talk about a tearjerker.

What trends are you seeing in PR that you’re excited about?

Interest. 20 years ago, PR was seen as something only reserved for celebrities and corporations. Today there’s an influx of interest in the field as more individuals realize PR can be for them too. I believe there is no reason why PR won’t be one of the fastest-growing industries to work in over the next several decades, especially in this influencer-consumer market.

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What is the most gratifying part of your job?

Seeing my clients get results. I know, I know, such a cliché answer, but I have seen some clients go on to make $10K months within 90 days of launching their brand new business, to others landing jobs and positions. With my firm, we specialize in personal branding so there is never a shortage of things to do and consult on. It’s also fun to be able to come up with the name of a new business for a client. I have lost count of how many companies I’ve named.

Where can people find you?

Thank you so much for inviting me to do this interview and spread awareness about Mashman Ventures, Personal Branding, and Public Relations! You can follow me on all social media platforms @isaacmashman and by visiting my website

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