How to Drive User Engagement to Your Social Media Content

Social media channels have become a significant part of our everyday lives. It’s where we read the news, looking for entertainment, where we comment, give advice and recommendations. It’s where we usually find out about another Netflix show we would like to see or a concert we would like to attend. And more often than not, this info reaches us through our own private networks. A friend who shares our ever-standing Anna Torv and “Fringe” fascination will come as a great source for “The Secret City” recommendation, just as we’re more inclined to pay a visit to the dentist who is active in our favorite local group and has a reputation as being skillful and reliable.

Every business has to learn how to navigate the social media waters, along with other 3.499 billion active users worldwide, and make friendly connections in order to survive, grow, and possibly make a significant splash. To get new customers, your company needs to be socially recognized and talked about as being trustworthy and desirable. Here are some of the best ways how you can boost your engagement and make your business flourish.

Focus on content quality

If you want to increase the engagement of your followers, begin with making sure that everything you post on your social media channels is worthwhile. The type of content you post will depend mostly on your social media strategy goals and whether you expect to get feedback about your campaigns and offers, generate new leads, or raise your brand awareness.

Still, there is one general rule you have to follow—avoid content which focuses on how your product, service or brand is amazing, and focus on the topic which is relevant to your customers. Only when your content is tailored to fit their needs, will you see the engagement rates grow.

This means you will have to know your target audience well, to have a clear idea of what their pain points and challenges are, as well as understand their needs and habits. Offer them content which they can use as a solution, or a great idea they can implement in their everyday life and make it more enjoyable.

Use visuals

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” goes the old saying, and when it comes to social media, it can easily be measured in likes and shares. A Facebook post with images can boost engagement 2.3 times, while your odds of selling a product will increase by 85% after your customers have seen a video of your product. Besides the fact that visual content is easier to grasp and memorize, the benefits of adding infographics, images, and videos to your social media posts are numerous.

Engage yourself

If you’re on social media to grow your business, one thing is certain—you need to be social. You can’t expect your current and potential customers to engage with the content you provide if you’re not fully engaged yourself.

To be able to do this, you will have to closely pay attention to what your followers are saying and respond, whenever there is a need or a chance. If they post something about your business, no matter whether it’s a positive review or complaint, give them timely feedback and show that you really care about their experience.

Use social media listening tools to be informed whenever people post about your business, and give them a direct and personalized response. Use their name in your feedback to give it a more intimate feel, and don’t be afraid to use emoticons to humanize your interaction. This can do wonders for your brand and your customers’ loyalty.

Join social groups related to your business, it’s where you can easily get more new leads or nurture the ones you have. If there is a discussion taking place, especially if it’s in the field of your expertise, and you feel you can bring extra value to the game, join in and establish your position as a credible source of information. Still, the same rules apply here—don’t talk only about yourself and your brand, but focus on the topic.

Show your personality

To form a strong relationship with your customers and make a brand out of your business, you’ll have to work on your company’s personality too. For starters, imagine your business as a person, with a set of characteristics and values which make you unique, and make that personality shine through whatever you do.

Still, to make the most out of the social media power in building your brand’s personality and recognition, it’s best to stand on firm ground, and have a clear set of predefined goals. Everything, starting from your name and the logo you use to the tone of your Facebook feedback, needs to be coherent and thoughtfully planned. As any mistakes in this area can lead to tarnishing your online reputation, think about getting some professional support from a trustworthy digital agency in Sydney.

Sponsor a contest or a giveaway

Everybody loves to be appreciated, and so do your customers. They are more likely to engage with your content if they feel as if there is something in it for them too, so it is a good idea to find a way and reward them. Running a simple and fair contest or giveaway on your page can be a great opportunity for you to boost the engagement, as well as to incentivize your most active fans. You can give away discount codes or freebies, whatever fits your budget and gives value to your customers.

Always remember, the key to getting more engagement is by being more engaged, so listening to your customers’ needs should always come first.