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Australian Media Database Comparison – Pricing & Features

Bart Donda

Editor's note: This is a follow-up of How to Choose the Best Media Database for PR.

This guide contains a comparison of the most popular media databases that contain Australian media contacts, including region-specific databases as well as global ones, such as Prowly.

Regardless of if you're located in Australia or abroad, these providers will help you create the right Australian media list for PR outreach:

Australian Media Database Overview

At a glance, here’s how the top Australian journalist databases compare.

Unfortunately, it's still common for media contact database providers to not disclose details about their pricing plans and contracts on their website—requiring you to speak with a sales representative to get any information.

ProviderPriceContract lengthFree trial or sample# of Australian contacts (claimed)
Prowly$210 (USD) per monthMonthly or yearlyFree 7-day trialOver 20k
MedianetUndisclosedUndisclosedUndisclosedOver 59k
MediaconnectUndisclosedUndisclosedUndisclosedOver 10k
Telum MediaUndisclosedUndisclosedUndisclosedUndisclosed


Price: From $210 per month or $2148 per year (billed in USD)
Contract length: Monthly or yearly
Free trial or sample: 7-day free trial with search access

Prowly is a media relations tool with its own media database, which includes over 20k media contacts from Australia and 1 million worldwide.

It’s possible to search for journalists using multiple filters, including keywords in their Tweets or articles that they’ve recently written.

The media database is integrated with a PR CRM where it’s possible to create targeted media lists and an email distribution module to pitch contacts right from the app.

Prowly is the only media database provider in Australia that lets you create a free trial account and see which media contacts are available.

Also unlike most providers, it's not necessary to sign up for a yearly contract; month-to-month, cancel-anytime plans are available from 210 USD per month.

Prowly Media Database Contact Details
Prowly's Meda Database


Price: Undisclosed
Contract length: Undisclosed
Free trial or sample: Undisclosed

Medianet is an Australian media database provider that also other services such as press release distribution or media planning.

They claim to have over 59,000 media contacts and outlets, mainly from Australia and New Zealand.

The database lets you find relevant contacts and target by industry, profession, outlet type, location, and position level.

Medianet Australian Media Database
Medianet - Australian Media Database


Price: Undisclosed
Contract length: Undisclosed
Free trial or sample: Undisclosed

Mediaconnect claims itself to be "Australia's best media database and most powerful PR management platform."

The database contains over 10,000 media contacts from Australia and New Zealand and over 6,000 media outlets.

All contacts are refreshed every 90 days or more often, ensuring the database is up-to-date.

Mediaconnect Australian Media Database
Mediaconnect - Australian Media Database

Telum Media

Price: Undisclosed
Contract length: Undisclosed
Free trial or sample: Undisclosed

Telum Media describes itself as "the region’s most comprehensive media relations platform to drive targeted media engagement and informed decision making."

Apart from containing media contacts from Australia and New Zealand, Telum Media also covers Southeast Asia and East Asia.

Media profiles contact information such as:

  • biographies
  • contact details
  • story requests
  • news
Telum Media - Australian Media Database
Telum - Australian Media Database


If you're looking to buy or build your own Australian media list, it's important you choose a PR database that's suited for your needs. It'll depend on things like:

  • If you need contacts from Australia & New Zealand or other regions as well
  • Your budget, especially if the database only offers yearly plans
  • The scale and accuracy of the media contacts available
  • Other features available with the database, such as being able to pitch contacts straight from the same tool

If you have the time, sign up for a demo call or trial for each provider and see which fits your needs best or if you can get a sample.

Otherwise, if you're short on time, you can always start a free trial with Prowly and see if the Australian media contacts they have are what you're looking for.

Cover photo by Dan Freeman