11 Must-Have Traits For PR Professionals

PR work is not only distributing press releases and follow-ups. What do employers pay attention to the most? Effectiveness of PR professionals does not depend only on already acquired skills. PR experts should not only be charismatic and have the ability to build relationships – the way you develop and use your business contacts is just as important. „A well-trained employee feels more confident, and thus is self-aware and has insight into own professional skills. Because of this, employers began to appreciate commitment and self improvement. The company is the people, and well-trained people contribute to company’s growth”, explains Justyna Wozniak, HR specialist in Click Community.

Here at Prowly, we picked 11 key traits that every PR professional should have:

Devour knowledge

Curiosity in the PR world will not kill the cat – it’s actually necessary. You need to have a certain hunger for knowledge. It will not only help with the development of your career, but also with serving customers and meeting their expectations. Additionally, you should always be up to date with news, trends and media. This will make media relations and newsjacking much easier.

Tell stories

Do you love to write and narrate? Is it easy for you to make other people interested in what you’re saying? If yes, that means you’re suited for the job. If you want to work in PR, you need to have a good writing style. The more you read, the better is your writing – a principle as old as the hills, but nonetheless true.

Make friends easily

Are you bubbly and likeable? Great! One of the most important skills that every PR expert should have is the ability to make business contacts easily.

Be detail oriented

Small mistakes hurt your career the most and undermine your credibility in professional relations. If you can focus on details, you’ll be prepared for every meeting and presentation.

Enjoy digits

Measuring the effectiveness of PR has always been the Achilles’ heel of communication specialists. It would be dandy if you liked digits and tables. Measuring slowly becomes more important than reporting itself, and your clients will expect you to deliver.

Have some empathy

Successful PR experts should be empathetic. As a result, it’s easier to empathise with your target group and choose the appropriate way of communicating benefits and the key message.

Don’t be a zombie

Are you only capable of just executing commands? Then the job is not for you. PR experts are innovative. You should be able advise your boss or your client – don’t act like a robot programmed to send out press releases.

Don’t buckle under pressure

In the PR world you’ll find yourself in a few situations where you either keep your wits about you, or your firm gets lynched in the media. Even if the lynching is already happening, you can save the day by putting on a brave face and calmly explaining your point of view to the angry mob.

Think – therefore you are

Whether you consider yourself an extrovert or an introvert, you have to think wider and further than colleagues working in different industries. While you’re focused on the details, don’t forget to keep an eye on the broader picture and calculate all the possible outcomes.

Always be outside the box

Are you creative? It wasn’t only Schroedinger’s cat that was expected to think outside the box. Creativity combined with all the skills listed above is the killer feature of your character.

Know that you know nothing

Self-awareness comes handy in life. If you know your strengths and weaknesses, you know when to simply ask for help and what you need to improve. A PR professional is like a doctor – here to help, not to harm.