Top PR Agencies in Vancouver – The 2021 List

Just like the rest of the city, Vancouver’s PR scene has grown dramatically in recent years. And, just as in other areas of business, it now boasts a collection of quality PR agencies that rival anything you’ll find in the great cities of the world. 

Having built a well-deserved reputation for unique approaches to PR support, Vancouver is a regional, national and international hub for creative and effective solutions for all aspects of brand management. If Vancouver isn’t on your mental list of global centers of PR innovation, it’s time to take a closer look. 

Before we dive in, though, let us share a quick reminder that hiring an agency isn’t necessarily the right fit for every business. The costs can be significant and beyond the reach of many, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other options for effective management of your PR activities. 

PR tools such as Prowly allow PR pros to find media contacts, create campaigns, and use analytical insights to optimize results in the quest for press coverage. It even offers the ability to set up a branded online newsroom and share instant access to your press materials with journalists with a single click. You can try it for free and see for yourself just how easy it is to create, send, and track professional-grade PR campaigns. 

Here are the names that will make any list of Vancouver’s top PR firms.

Top PR Agencies in Vancouver


Jelly is a well-rounded PR agency, skilled also in digital ads, social media, and SEO. They are the people to turn to when customers need media coverage, top-notch blog writing, brand partnerships, or viral videos. They handle PR and marketing in a unique way, and have even hosted scavenger hunts on college campuses. 

They stay up to date on all things social media, so when businesses and companies have a big product launch or announcement, they can share the news in the best way. This marketing company is trusted by brands such as 7-Eleven, BC Food, Beedie, and Lego. 


One of the best PR firms in Vancouver is Magnolia Marketing Communications. Though they offer their services to everyone, they specialize in high-tech and financial companies. Magnolia’s goal is to help get the word out about their clients and in the news. 

Magnolia strives to tell the stories of their customers in the most unique way possible. They want to share what makes each and every business stand out. 

Notable companies Magnolia has worked with in the past are: Finextra, Pymnets, CTC&G, and Payments Journal. They’ve had their clients featured in newspapers from the likes of New York Times to CTV. 

Yulu PR

Yulu is a notable Vancouver-based PR agency with expertise in environmental, social, and healthcare public relations. They’ve said they don’t think they should tell a story unless it has a positive impact. 

They’ve partnered with brands globally to tell their stories in a way that amplifies the impact of them and inspires change. They’ve worked with brands like Pachama, World Housing, Go Fund Me, and the Chopra Center. Brands that do good are the brands Yulu strives to work with. 

SMC Communications 

Those looking for some culinary PR should check out SMC Communications. They are a PR consultancy dedicated to the world of culinary arts. At SMC, they believe connections and creativity are the keys to taking each brand to the next level. 

They offer a wide range of services, from strategic communications and media training, to event planning and influencer marketing. 

Currently, SMC is working with many brands, including: Beetbox, Honolulu Coffee, Juke, Tacofino, and Uva. They’ve worked with a number of restaurants and culinary companies, so they know how to cater to the needs of these brands. 

Peak Communicators 

One of Vancouver’s top PR firms is Peak Communicators. They are all about media marketing. They say their areas of expertise are media relations, media training, crisis communications, and digital and social media. One area that are very well-versed in is campaign strategies. They help their clients execute PR tactics and become trained in the media. 

Peak works across a wide range of industries, from education to travel to real estate and retail.

One of their key values is that they tailor their work style to their clients’ individual needs.

Some of the companies that have vouched for Peak Communicators are Concord Pacific Dragon Festival, Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation, and Goh Ballet Academy. 


Rethink is a particularly interesting agency as they’re 100% owner-operated and all their partners have a hands-on approach to their clients’ campaigns. They know that public relations are always changing, so they are constantly “rethinking” new and creative ways to help their clients achieve success. 

Since its founding in 1999, Rethink has worked with major companies like IKEA, Kraft, A&W, and WestJet. In 2019 they won both the Agency of the Year and Design Agency of the Year awards.

You can see some of their example work here.

Independent Music Promotions  

For something as specific as music, musicians should use a PR firm that knows the ins and outs of their industry. Independent Music Promotions is a public relations agency based in Vancouver for independent bands and musicians.

IMP was founded by a former musician, James Moore in 2011, after he got disappointed by the service of then-existing music PR agencies.

“What we promise is high amounts of quality press” – writes Moore.

They claim to land more press than other music PR firm because of their direct relationships with contributors, bloggers and journalists.

Independent Music Promotions is an agency for musicians looking to reach their big break. They’ve helped spread the word about musicians such as Shihori, Kid Lab Rat, James Moore and Dan Tuffy.


What service would a PR agency called ‘Popcorn’ provide other than entertainment? Popcorn is a results-driven PR firm in Vancouver and Toronto that provides consultation, social media marketing, digital marketing, content creation, and more. 

Popcorn has worked with small, independent businesses to large, national retailers. They work with a wide range of clients to find their best marketing needs. They’ve worked with brands from the likes of Michael Hall to Samsung. They know how to create content that will awe customers and help business – no matter how big or small – thrive. 


Spinn Sports Branding is one of Vancouver’s only sports agencies. They help create content for marketing sports through social media, graphic design, and video production. They work with both athletes and athletic companies. 

Spinn is very active on social media where they post examples of the work they do for their clients, like the Vancouver athlete, Shannon Bell, as well as the brand, Go Coconut. 

Citizen Relations 

Citizen Vancouver has continuously been recognized as one of Vancouver’s top public relations agencies. The ‘citizens’ at Citizen Vancouver have a wide range of backgrounds. They have PR professionals, social media marketing experts, public affairs experts, media trainers, and crisis management advisors. Every person at Citizen Vancouver serves a purpose. 

They work with companies from all kinds of industries and some of their clients include names such as KPMG, Old Spice, Duracell, or Volvo.

Their motto is “we make every conversation count.” 

Summing it up

That’s it for our trip through beautiful Vancouver and its stars from the world of PR. 

Bear in mind that their skills and talent come at a price that might not be within the reach of everyone. That’s why tools like Prowly are an excellent alternative for anyone looking for another way to execute effective PR campaigns at a fraction of the cost of hiring an agency. Open a free trial account and see for yourself just how much you can do when it comes to creating, sending and tracking your own campaigns. 

Cover photo by Mike Benna on Unsplash