Prowly #PRChat with Jennifer McGinley, CEO at JLM Strategic Communications
 · 3 min read · May 17, 2022

Prowly #PRChat with Jennifer McGinley, CEO at JLM Strategic Communications


Time for Prowly #PRChat, where we check in with professionals from every corner of the PR world to get their input, opinions, commentary and more. 

Meet Jennifer McGinley, CEO at JLM Strategic Communications and expert in media relations, reputation management, and crafting effective public relations strategies. She has a particularly impressive record working with clients in the healthcare industry, always an especially demanding field for PR pros.

Here’s what Jennifer had to say in response to some questions that we shared with her.  

What's special about doing PR for healthcare organizations?

It's a unique industry that changes every single day. There is always something new to learn. Since the pandemic, we have all experienced the need for up-to-date health information. We have been relying on healthcare workers to heal us and scientists to help to end this crisis. I am grateful to have worked with some of the best healthcare experts in the country. Their passion for their work and patients is so gratifying to see. I love the energy in a hospital, and a medical or pharmacy school too.

What kind of priority do you place on community outreach? 

Community outreach is a must for all organizations. It's paying it forward and serving others where you live and beyond. This comes in the form of donating time, resources or pro bono speaking, or providing workshops to help out. It can also mean fundraisers, food or clothing drives, etc. The more creative, the better.

What should every PR practitioner start doing? 

Get on Twitter! This is where the media is. They are mining for stories and sources 24/7.

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What’s one successful PR tactic you are using at the moment? 

Connecting with journalists on Twitter. I want to know as much as possible about the media, so I can help them at a moment's notice.

What skills do you think PRs need to be successful long-term? 

Written and verbal communication is a must. Building genuine relationships is a huge help too.

What trends are you seeing in PR that you’re excited about? 

Storytelling will continue to be the best tool for organizations to use to build their brand and credibility. There is something so concrete about a story that evokes emotion. This is how to stay memorable. This is the best tool for organizations to share their stories to build awareness, credibility, and a loyal following. It is also cost-effective.

How do you stay in the know about your media contacts and their beats? 

Twitter is my favorite platform for the most up-to-date information. Many outlets also have a "newsroom" where they may share a headshot, bio, and the beats and prior articles of each journalist. This is so helpful! The Philadelphia Inquirer has a great site that is really easy to navigate.