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The Best Time & Day to Send a Press Release [2023 Update]

Rafal Salak ∙ 29 Jul 2023
We analyzed open rates of press releases shared via the platform to find the perfect moment for sending out a press release. The research indicates that Thursday is the best day, with the email open rate reaching over...
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Eight Reasons Why Your PR Should Avoid PR Software at All Cost!

Rafal Salak ∙ 11 Nov 2022
Some say new technologies have changed the way the PR industry works. Social media, smartphones, mobile apps and instant communication, they all influence people’s daily routines. Some even say there’s also a wide range of tools built for you – agency and corporate PR experts – to support you in your everyday media relations struggle! Nonsense! Just take a look at these eight reasons why you should steer clear of any fancy software.
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3 sposoby tworzenia maila z informacją prasową

Rafal Salak ∙ 12 Jul 2018
Jak pisać, by zachęcać dziennikarzy do otwierania przesyłanych materiałów?