Eight Reasons Why Your PR Should Avoid PR Software at All Cost!

Take a look at these eight reasons why you should steer clear of any PR software:

1. Why Use Media Database Software, When All Your Xls Are Fine

We all have our own xls sheets, don’t we? Each table in its own unique format and copying contacts from one file to another is such a joy! Even when you lose a file, there’s a chance you have another ten somewhere on your hard drive at home. Or maybe hidden somewhere in your corporate cloud. Worst comes to worst, it’s most definitely on one of your colleagues’ desktops? Why should you give all of this up for online software accessible from all over the world?

2. Nobody Likes Visually Attractive, Interactive Press Releases

Everyone knows that the press release is the MOST ESSENTIAL tool of every PR pro. So why venture into the unknown. Stay traditional, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Why should you elevate your game with embedded videos or social media feeds, when your brand’s copy is what matters the most? Just put it all into a single PDF and let it fly. It’ll do the job as it always did. PS. Plus, that “one picture’s worth a thousand words” thing – don’t believe the hype!

Press release built using PR software

3. Attachments Have Worked Since Email’s Been Invented. Why Would You Drop Them Now?

Speaking of PDFs, you’ve always been sending them attached to your emails, haven’t you? And it worked! Of course, maybe sometimes the files were too large to be delivered. Maybe some people complained about the size or viewing problems on mobile. But hey, this is how PR works. No need to rock the boat and use online, attachment-free press releases that work on every device. Too easy!

4. No Need for Mass Mailings, You Have Plenty of Time to Write Each Separately

As a PR pro, you take your job seriously. Every single assignment requires your maximum attention, even if it means 4 hours spent on sending personalized emails to these 50 journos from your xls media base. I mean, CRM mass mailing tools would give the very same result at a much shorter time, but you certainly wouldn’t feel that passion, devotion and engagement with your work that you feel now, right?

5. Why Should Journos Need Your Online Brand Journal? They’ve Got Your Phone Number!

Ok, so there are those online brand journals, press offices or whatever, but does anyone really need all that? All the reporters you care about already have your phone number, and if they don’t – well, it’s got to be somewhere on your corporate website! So why bother publishing your press releases on that silly brand journal, if you can share it the old-fashioned way? Heavy-weight attachments rule the world once again!

6. Traffic Measurement Is for Marketing

Most online activities can be tracked – so what? Traffic measurement and analysis is something obviously to be left for marketing. We in the PR business, we are conservatives and proud of it. You’re paid based on each media mention, not traffic, so play your position and let others do their job! And if the coverage’s not enough, you simply can send your pitches to a wider audience. Someone has to publish your story, eventually!

PR software pitch stats

7. Why Should You Rely on Data When You Can Trust Your Good Old Instinct

A follow-up is one of these little moments when you can actually pick up the phone and talk to each reporter from your precious xls. “Hey, did you get my press release?” “Was that interesting to you?” “Do you need any further information about our brand?” – we all love these questions and so does the other side, I’m sure they do. It’s a fact that a basic CRM tool would provide you with the right data showing who received, opened and clicked on your email, but then you would have to give up that beautiful follow-up ritual that makes you feel that human bond with your contacts?

8. Forget About Cost-Efficiency – Pure Traditional PR Is Worth All the Money

Last but not least, some may tell you that PR software allows you to save lots of money and hours. True. But, on the other hand, PR is an art, and as such it’s worth any and all your resources. You can always find savings in marketing or production, but when you have such a silver-tongued PR, you just want to let it loose – no matter the cost!

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