#PRtalk: Tool Vendors on Automation, Tools and Workflow

The hour long session will take place from 11:00hrs PST; 14:00hrs EST; 19:00hrs GMT or 20:00hrs CET on 15 December.

Join the discussion via Twitter and ask questions using #PRtalk hashtag. Below you will also find some tips on how to promote the discussion on Tuesday and help us to spread the news about Prowly <3


These are all the people and organisations who are going to participate in a debate:

Joanna Drabent, @jdrabent
Prowly – an online platform designed to help public relations professional to streamline their media relations efforts.

Rebekah Iliff, @rebekahiliff
AirPR Analyst – an analytics, insights, and measurement platform for public relations practitioners to increase their effectiveness, and map public relations activities to business objectives.

Stella Bayles, @stellabayes
coveragebook.com – automates press reports by taking coverage screen-shots and pulling in traffic, social and domain authority data. It builds coverage books in seconds and presents in a customisable format that’s easy to share.

Aly Saxe, @Aly_Saxe
Iris – helps public relations practitioners prove the value of their most important relationships – with journalists and influencers. We’re about the art and science of targeted media relations.

Jonathan Bean, @jonobean
MyNewsdesk – used by public relations professionals, brand publishers, journalists and bloggers to share their stories.

Adam Parker, @Adparker
Lissted – discover the truly influential voices in a community and the content, conversations and websites that matter to them.

Idries Al-Bender, @IdriesAB
Prezly – relationship management tool for public relation professionals that aims to increase your impact. It offers you a full public relations toolkit.

Nicolas Chabot, @nicochabs
Traackr – an all-in-one solution to structure and scale company-wide influencer programmes.

For more information visit Stephen’s blogpost.