#PRtalk: Automation Works in Workflow, But Fails in Relations – PR Tools Vendors About Modern PR Business

#PRtalk about modern PR business is behind us. Is press release already dead? How can we replace it? How do we breakdown the business of Public Relations and what modern PR business means? Where does PR automation work, and where does it fail? What PR trends should we watch out for in 2016? – these hot topics we were discussing yesterday during the Twitter chat hosted by Stephen Waddington from Ketchum. Check out the most interesting answers.

Vendors About Modern PR Business

1. Is Press Release dead?

2. Press release: what’s replacing it within PR?

3. How do you breakdown the business of public relations? Media, influencers, community, social biz? How else?

 4. PR automation: where does it work in public relations, and where does it fail?

5. Why are agencies and in-house teams finding it so tough to modernise practice around new forms of media?

6. How should practitioners make sense of the tools market? Best in class tools or an integrated workflow?

7. PR trends in 2016