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20+ Top Sentiment Analysis Tools for PR Pros - a 2024 List

Mile Zivkovic
Marketing & Communications Specialist

Analyzing your brand sentiment is an extremely effective way to gauge public opinion about your brand, as well as create PR and marketing strategies. Sentiment analysis tools do just that - round up your brand mentions and analyze the sentiment behind them, doing the hard work so you can focus on the details.

Today, we're going to take a look at the top paid and free sentiment analysis tools for PR professionals, with their pros, cons and pricing.

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What are sentiment analysis tools?

Sentiment analysis tools are software tools that search the web for mentions of a certain brand name or term and report on the sentiment of that mention. The three sentiments are: positive, negative, and neutral. Most sentiment analysis tools will give a sentiment score, calculated through a variety of different algorithms.

What is sentiment analysis?

Sentiment analysis includes using AI and various algorithms to determine the sentiment of a certain mention of your brand or tracked term. For example, when someone mentions your company in a blog post, a sentiment analysis tool can pick up that mention and tell you if the mention was positive, negative, or neutral.

P. S. Learn all about using sentiment analysis in your PR activities from this guide.

Brand sentiment analysis

Brand sentiment analysis is the analysis of how your brand is perceived by the general public. You can analyze all of the mentions of your brand and determine how people feel about your brand in general or at specified times. This is incredibly handy when creating new PR and marketing campaigns.

What is social media sentiment analysis?

Social media sentiment analysis is the analysis of your mentions on social media platforms. These tools trawl different social media platforms for each mention of your brand name and give you an overall bill of health for your brand.

You can learn all about using social monitoring for PR from The Complete Social Media Listening Guide for Public Relations.

Ready to start measuring your brand sentiment?

6 benefits of using a sentiment analysis tool

If you're curious whether or not having a sentiment analysis feature is useful for your brand, we have your back. Here are some practical reasons why you might want to use a sentiment analysis tool in your daily PR activities.

1️⃣ a more accurate perception of your brand
2️⃣ spot and prevent media crises in real time
3️⃣ better customer service and customer support
4️⃣ better connection with your audience
5️⃣ better benchmarks against your competitors
6️⃣ improved evaluation of your PR campaigns

And these are just the starting points.

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18 best sentiment analysis tools in 2024

The best sentiment analysis tools cover a wide range of sources, are easy to use for all types of audiences, and give an accurate breakdown of analyzed sentiment in real-time.

Here are the top 18 paid tools for the job.

#1 Prowly 

💸 Pricing: starts at $258/month, plus - a free trial is available!

Best for: PR professionals and marketers.

Prowly is a comprehensive PR tool that offers sentiment analysis capabilities to help PR professionals gauge public sentiment surrounding their brand and campaigns.

It features digital media and social media monitoring, allowing you to monitor searches, including websites, forums, social media, and more. Brands, competitors, keywords, people, authors, and backlinks are only a few of the things you can track.

Pros: covers both the web and social media, comes bundled with other useful PR tools such as a media database and press release creator

🔻Cons: you can't buy access to media monitoring only, so make sure to check what other features you will be able to use in the plan of your choice

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#2 HubSpot's Service Hub

💸 Pricing: starts at $450/month for the customer service hub

Best for: Businesses already in the Hubspot ecosystem.

HubSpot's Service Hub integrates sentiment analysis, allowing PR professionals to monitor and improve customer satisfaction and brand perception.

Pros: if you're already using Hubspot, it's an excellent way to do sentiment analysis on your survey responses

🔻Cons: very expensive and provides only the basic features without doing online sentiment analysis

#3 MonkeyLearn

💸 Pricing: not disclosed publicly; research shows it starts at $299 per month

Best for: Businesses that have a lot of customer feedback in a database format and need a way to analyze and visualize the sentiment expressed in the feedback items.

MonkeyLearn is an AI-driven text analysis platform that assists PR professionals in understanding sentiment and extracting insights from media and customer feedback.

Pros: analyzes various types of customer feedback from surveys with an AI sentiment analysis model

🔻Cons: not your typical sentiment analysis software as it does not scrape the web for brand and keyword mentions

#4 Idiomatic

💸 Pricing: starts at $339/month for one data source + $0.05 per comment

Best for: Businesses that have a lot of existing data for brand sentiment analysis and that prioritize customer feedback.

Idiomatic provides PR professionals with sentiment analysis tools to monitor public opinion and sentiment trends, helping them make data-driven PR decisions.

Pros: covers a wide variety of channels: customer support, reviews, phone calls, app reviews, forums and communities, etc.

🔻Cons: does not scrape the web for mentions - you have to feed data into the app

#5 Lexalytics

💸 Pricing: not disclosed publicly; research shows it's $10,000 for a setup fee and $999/month

Best for: Enterprise businesses with lots of data; businesses that need both cloud and on-premise text analytics.

Lexalytics offers advanced sentiment analysis solutions for PR professionals, enabling them to gain deeper insights into customer opinions and media sentiment.

Pros: has a social media management tool on top of data analysis tools

🔻Cons: quite expensive

#6 Brand24

💸 Pricing: starts at $99/month for 3 keywords and up to 2,000 mentions

Best for: Marketing professionals, PR teams, and small businesses looking to do sentiment analysis online.

Brand24 is a social listening tool with sentiment analysis features, enabling PR professionals to track and manage their brand's online reputation effectively.

Pros: a wide range of features, Slack integration, custom reporting options

🔻Cons: the sentiment analysis is not always accurate, can become quite expensive if you track many keywords

#7 Awario

💸 Pricing: starts at $29/month for three topics and 30,000 mentions per month

Best for: Marketing professionals, agencies.

Awario offers sentiment analysis within its social media monitoring tools, empowering PR professionals to assess and respond to sentiment shifts in real-time.

Pros: great value for money, detailed analytics, white label report options

🔻Cons: quite limited historical data across all plans, social sentiment analysis accuracy is not particularly impressive

#8 Talkwalker

💸 Pricing: not disclosed publicly; research shows that it starts at $9,000/year

Best for: Enterprise businesses.

Talkwalker is a social media analytics platform that provides PR professionals with sentiment analysis tools to monitor and manage their brand's online presence.

Pros: real-time analytics, support for different languages, data visualization capabilities

🔻Cons: can be quite expensive, the sentiment analysis might not always be very accurate

#9 BrandMentions

💸 Pricing: starts at $79/month for 15 keywords and up to 5,000 mentions

Best for: Marketers, PR specialists, small businesses

BrandMentions offers sentiment analysis capabilities that help PR professionals monitor brand reputation and sentiment across various online sources.

Pros: real-time analytics, fairly accurate sentiment analysis, covers the entire web + social

🔻Cons: historical data limitations unless you opt for the most expensive pricing plan

#10 Rosette

💸 Pricing: starts at $100/month for 30,000 calls

Best for: Enterprise businesses dealing with vast amounts of data from various sources.

Rosette by Basis Technology provides sentiment analysis and text analytics solutions for PR professionals to assess public sentiment in multiple languages.

Pros: the vast amount of features for data analysis such as translation, relationship extractor, semantic similarity tool, and others

🔻Cons: complex with a steep learning curve, does not do scrape the web and requires you to feed data into it

#11 Qualtrics

💸 Pricing: not disclosed publicly

Best for: Larger businesses that need to monitor the entire customer journey.

Qualtrics, a comprehensive experience management platform, offers sentiment analysis features to help PR professionals gather and analyze customer feedback and sentiment.

Pros: wide range of features for those who need an overview of all the customer journey touchpoints

🔻Cons: feature bloat might be a bit too much for the average user

#12 SentiSum

💸 Pricing: starts at $2,000/month

Best for: Businesses with a large number of customer interactions.

SentiSum is an AI-powered customer feedback analysis platform that helps PR professionals gain insights into customer sentiment and opinions.

Pros: a fast way to categorize a large volume of customer feedback

🔻Cons: has a very specific use case, might be too expensive for some businesses

#13 Brandwatch

💸 Pricing: not disclosed publicly; research shows it starts at $800/month

Best for: Mid-size and large businesses that need to cover the web and a lot of social media profiles at once.

Brandwatch is a social media monitoring and analytics tool that allows PR professionals to track sentiment, trends, and conversations about their brand across the web.

Pros: a large number of data sources, social media management and influencer marketing features

🔻Cons: quite expensive compared to the competition

#14 Repustate

💸 Pricing: starts at $199/month for 10,000 data credits

Best for: Businesses looking to analyze the sentiment of their customer and employee experience.

Repustate offers sentiment analysis and text analytics solutions, enabling PR professionals to understand customer sentiment and feedback.

Pros: analyzes the sentiment of your employees, making sure you're keeping the employee experience under control

🔻Cons: quite limited use case, does not monitor the web or social media

#15 Reputation

💸 Pricing: not disclosed publicly

Best for: Larger businesses that need to cover the web and the customer feedback channels of your brand.

Reputation provides reputation management software with sentiment analysis capabilities, helping PR professionals monitor and improve their brand's online reputation.

Pros: covers a wide variety of sources, social media, the web, and customer interactions

🔻Cons: pricing is not transparent

#16 Critical Mention

💸 Pricing: not disclosed publicly

Best for: PR professionals, marketers, and marketing agencies.

Critical Mention is a media monitoring platform with sentiment analysis tools that allow PR professionals to track media sentiment about their brand or industry.

Pros: easy to use, large suite of features including a media contact database

🔻Cons: pricing is not transparent

#17 Aylien

💸 Pricing: not disclosed publicly

Best for: PR professionals, enterprise businesses that need to monitor large volumes of news in real-time.

Aylien offers text analysis and sentiment analysis tools that PR professionals can use to extract insights from news articles, social media, and other sources.

Pros: multilingual search, rich database, full article search, content deduplication

🔻Cons: pricing is not transparent, it offers quite complex features for businesses that just need sentiment analysis

#18 Mentionlytics

💸 Pricing: starts at $49/month for 3 keyword rules and up to 5,000 mentions

Best for: Marketing teams and agencies.

Mentionlytics is a social media and web monitoring tool with sentiment analysis features, empowering PR professionals to track brand sentiment and mentions online.

Pros: media monitoring, social listening and intelligence, social media scheduling and reports

🔻Cons: you only get real-time updates in the higher priced plans

3 free sentiment analysis tools

There are tools that don't require you to pay anything to be able to use them. However, they come with their own benefits and challenges.

Pros and cons of free sentiment analysis tools

Free tools are open source, which means that in most cases, they analyze data that has already been collected. So, you'll have to feed all of your mentions to these tools and they can only then determine sentiment.

The problem is, collecting mentions is actually the hardest part of the entire analysis.

Also, since they are open source, they may not be compliant with certain security requirements - which is crucial for big companies. They also have limited support for troubleshooting since support is mostly non-existent.

Last but not least, these tools are not sustainable because of solution discontinuity, version upgrades and changes in licenses and fees.

#1 MeaningCloud

A free tool for text analytics across different languages, for the web, social media and call center calls. You can analyze up to 100 mentions per month.

#2 ClientZen: Sentiment Analysis Checker

You can analyze up to 1,000 customer interactions with ClientZen. It integrates with Intercom, Hubspot, Gmail, Zendesk and other communication and customer support tools.

#3 Social Searcher

Social Searcher allows you to search and analyze your mentions across social media in real-time for free. 100 real-time searches available per day .

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Start analyzing the sentiment of your PR mentions

Tracking your mentions in real-time is a great starting point for your campaigns. However, it's just that - a starting point. To get in-depth data about how and why your (potential) customers mention you, a great sentiment analysis tool is irreplaceable.

And luckily, we have one that is built for the job!

With Prowly, you can track your mentions across the web and social media in real-time and analyze their sentiment, all in one tool. And the best part is, you can get started completely free.