10 Marketing Lessons From Apple

Don’t you love that moment when you finally grasp something you have been working on? The exhilaration you feel after finding the answer you’ve been struggling to dig up for a long time; coupled with a bit of frustration that it took you so long.

That’s how I felt when I found the key to successful marketing. I wasted years of trying every strategy I could find. And then that moment came.

My search ended when I discovered the Apple approach. Why look for anything else when you can see the results of this market leader’s unique methods?

Instead of harping on about a product’s price, I now simply state how it meets a consumer need. And why spend a lot on promotion if your best marketing can be done by word of mouth or your distributors? When they love your product enough, advertising happens automatically.

In Steve Jobs’ own words, ‘Turn consumers into evangelists, not just customers.’

But how? Any marketing campaign involves market research. But now I don’t simply work to find out what consumers want. I look at how they talk about it. Don’t scare your customers away by unfamiliar words. Attract their interest by mentioning characteristics they understand.

See? It actually makes sense. I wish I had realized these simple facts—and more—sooner: