6 Tips to Hack Your PR Strategy for Massive Growth

Are you still doing your PR like it’s the 90’s? If your answer is “yes,” then, man, this article is for you. The fact is, you can’t ignore PR. It is a very significant element that helps in the positioning of your company. PR is a way to communicate with your target audience and let them know about your products and services. Gone are the days when we used to think and do PR using old methods. Everyone is doing it, and you are no different.

Many firms still believe PR is a separate discipline and frequently ignore it. First of all, considering PR an alien entity is wrong. PR, social media, community engagement, and email marketing—all these should be combined in order to build a strategy to communicate your brand’s message to your audience. What is still missing is a growth mindset. A mindset that a PR team should have to achieve excellent brand visibility and to build substantial credibility.

The Need for a Growth Mindset in PR

Today, all PR teams should embrace a growth mindset. Doing PR just for the sake of it is equal to not doing anything at all. Having a growth mindset means that you experiment a lot and see what can boost your brand and produce badass results. Public Relations must be part of your growth and marketing strategy. You need to start early. As some PR experts say, your PR experiments should start roughly six months before you are ready to launch your product or service. You should be working on a strategic plan; a plan about your current PR experiments, observations, collecting results, and planning further experiments. So you know what is working and what is not, and so you’re able to scale up the things that are functioning well. Since you come across many scenarios, you can learn a lot from your PR experimentation.

A growth mindset in PR refers to some unusual tactics to help you achieve your brand communication goals through rigorous research and tests, producing great results where traditional PR methods wouldn’t have managed to help. Also, it refers to using different growth hacking tools and platforms that your competitors have not discovered yet.

A Few Simple PR Growth Hacks

  1. Use a storytelling approach:

Build an outstanding story around your company, product, or service that aligns with the company’s overall vision. Stories are fascinating, and we all like and listen to them when they’re served through a suitable medium. Point the pain points to your customers and show them how you can help them deal with their headaches.

Tools to use:

Grammarly will help you write neatly without making any grammatical errors and sentence mistakes.

Hemingway app will help you remove complex sentences.

  1. Participate in podcasts:

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around podcasts, so start your own podcast show or get on the best industry podcasts and start preaching. Talk about valuable insights about your industry, engage with the participants by giving them something for free, like an e-book. Focus on the soft selling side of your products/services and try doing it via podcasts.

Tools to use:

Podbean provides an easy and powerful way to start podcasting.

BlogTalkRadio will let you create your own podcasts and also monetize them.

  1. Leverage social media:

Social media is a solid element necessary to make good connections and influence/persuade the audience. Make strong connections and try to engage, greet and ask what they do and how you can collaborate.

Make use of social media and try to be present on all relevant social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., depending on what fits your company the best. Schedule and post your brand messages when your target audience is most active. Automate some messages to your followers, greet them when they start following you and as soon as they do, give them something valuable in return.

Tools to use:

Use Buffer to schedule your posts and see the analytics.

Crowdfire will help you automate messages to your fans.

Use Hootsuite, if you need an alternative to Buffer.

  1. Connect with influencers:

Influencer marketing can do wonders when done properly. The trick is to find and engage with the right influencers. Collaborate with high-quality influencers with a substantial follower base. Ask if they engage in cross-promotion so that your brand could get excellent exposure.

Tools to use:

Find influencers with Klear.

One more tool to find influencers is BuzzSumo.

Find journalists with Hey Press.

Find anybody’s email id with Hunter.

  1. Make videos:

Create a series of educational and tutorial videos about your products or services and add a CTA at the end. Ask people to subscribe and stay up to date with the industry’s hot news thanks to your videos. Interview industry thought leaders and share the videos on your YouTube channel. Promote it via social media.

Tool to use:

Use Animaker or Animoto to create wonderful videos.

  1. Do guest blogging:

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get your product some free publicity. Guest blogging can easily uplift your brand’s identity. Try to contact websites with high authority and reputation. Don’t pitch directly, try adding a marketing statement in your bio. Believe me, if your content is of killer quality, people will check out your bio and see who are you and what you do.

Try these search combinations on Google to find guest blogging opportunities

Keyword + “submit a guest post.”

Keyword + “guest post.”

Keyword + “contribute an article.”

Keyword + “want to write”

Keyword + “submit your post.”

Keyword + “become a contributor.”

Keyword + “accepting guest posts.”

There is a number of ways in which you can do your PR work. The ones mentioned above are easy to understand and take up. Hope these simple growth hacks will add value to your PR efforts.