How To Collaborate With Influencers In Six Simple Steps

In case you’ve been wondering, collaboration with online creators works! What just a few years ago seemed to spark disbelief, hardly surprises anyone anymore. Also, it comes as no surprise that more and more brands choose to focus their campaigns around digital influencers. It seems like a good choice because what follows their massive reach is in this case reputation and trust people place in their favorite authors. Before we find the right way to get in touch with them, we should remember a few things that will make life easier for both the brands and the creators (as well as partner networks).

Draw up a good brief

Be clear about the goals you want to achieve and the target group you want to reach with your campaign. Explain the concept behind the presentation of your product. Such information will not only simplify and accelerate the search for the right creator for your brand but will also help influencers in determining whether the assumptions made by your brand are even accomplishable. Based on this, influencers may also make up their minds about getting involved in a given project.

Find the right match

If you already know who would you like to work with, include this information in your brief. However, try not to hang onto one idea stubbornly and be open to recommendations from the partner network. There are expert studies and appropriate indicators based on which it’s possible to find matches with the highest marketing potential. We do not recommend improvising in this regard. It’s worth to rely on pros who specialize in the field of influencer marketing.

Plan ahead

To avoid a situation in which it turns out that everything that was planned cannot be implemented in due time. Consider the amount of time devoted to drawing up the concept, realization and accepting the materials. Developing the scenario and producing professional video materials entail a lot of hard work on your creator’s part, and ASAPs will only do harm to both sides.

Explore all options

Collaborating with YouTubers does not have to come down to simply placing your products in their videos posted on their channel. The options are plenty, so it’s worth to consider some more widespread actions such as for instance using the creator’s image in your channels or holding an event involving his or her participation. Also, think about developing an optimal communication strategy which would take into account all influencer communication channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. And obviously, a partner network can help you with all this!

Leave room for creativity

A customer who knows what he wants is a dream customer. But sticking stubbornly to one concept only leads nowhere. Trust your creators. They know their readers or viewers best and see which formats and content are most attractive to them. The brand obviously has the right to butt into the scenario, offer concrete solutions or require the influencer to present the materials for approval at different stages of the project. Both sides must be open to dialog. This is the only way towards reaching a compromise.

Get to know the medium

YouTube, but also other social media outlets, is not a place where you can just copy & paste stuff from TV. Each medium has its own dynamics, character, and formats which work and simply fit there. And they are nothing like TV ads. YouTube videos are independent, original productions that are very different from movies and shows that we watch on TV. We should remember that.