How Access Ventures Uses Prowly for Easy Pro-Level PR


Access Ventures is dedicated to adding an element of social responsibility to the way we invest. With their commitment to building a new, more inclusive financial paradigm, they are active in a number of funds and projects that facilitate economic growth and promote the entrepreneurial spirit. From their base in Louisville, Kentucky, Access Ventures has quickly established itself as a prominent voice in the community of investors driven by a mission to expand opportunities for all. They turned to Prowly to help them amplify that voice and share news of their good work with financial journalists and potential investment partners.


The people at Access Ventures are experts in identifying financial opportunities and delivering for their clients, not public relations. They needed a simple and easy to use tool for creating and sharing content with investors, the broader financial community and the general public about the work they do. That’s why they began looking for a way to create the professional-grade materials expected in their field but with minimal time and effort required to manage effective public relations. Also, Access wanted the peace of mind that comes with knowing that great customer support is always a click away in case they needed any help as they got started.

Prowly was a no brainer, I didn't even have to consider other options. I didn't need to try other software because Prowly has worked so well for us.

Tim Harris

Prowly delivered the quality they needed in the form of accessible resources that were easy to learn how to use

Now Access Ventures maintains an impressive online newsroom where they can easily share news, reports, updates, and other materials with journalists or anyone who wants to learn more about them. Their online visibility is improved and it’s now easier than ever before to reach out and connect with new audiences or be found by anyone curious to see what’s going on at Access.


Access Ventures now enjoys a professional PR presence with just a small commitment in terms of the time and effort needed. Creating and sending press releases doesn’t create a significant demand on their schedules as everything is handled by one full-time PR pro dedicated to managing their activities.

Quick questions

What was the main pain point you wanted to address by using Prowly?

We decided to use Prowly because it was an easy answer to solving multiple PR needs we had.

How would you describe Prowly in three words?

Simple PR optimization

What would your job be like if you didn’t have Prowly?

I would have to spend way more time sending emails and creating press releases.

In addition to results, what other benefits have you experienced from Prowly?

It's a big time saver and allows me to manage several things easily by myself without having to pull more resources from my team. Time savings is the biggest benefit along with easy design tools.

What can you do now that was more difficult or impossible before you started using Prowly?

We have much better integration with our website, better-designed press releases and digital press releases.

What has your experience been like working with Prowly’s customer success team?

Quick response times, easy and friendly help. Prowly's team is always there for us. They are very responsive and have been proactive in trying to help us achieve our goals.

What did you like about Prowly that other PR software failed to offer?

Prowly was a no brainer, I didn't even have to consider other options. I didn't need to try other software because Prowly has worked so well for us.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I really enjoy using Prowly and it has definitely improved our PR coverage and success. I would recommend it to anyone. Prowly has been an indispensable tool for our organization and has helped us get more stories and features.

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