Complete your PR strategy with Social Media Listening

Start making informed decisions about your brand's narrative by monitoring the entire landscape.

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Turn raw mentions into smarter PR moves

Don't let social listening insights slip away

Tracking outlet coverage isn't enough. To get the full overview of who says what about you and where, you need a tool that can gather insights from various sources at the same time.

Keep yourself informed:

  • Get real-time inbox alerts about relevant news
  • Receive daily, weekly, or monthly mention summaries
  • Track data from the last 30 days

Assess your reputation using dashboards

Use Prowly to easily visualize your performance with custom dashboards to spot any outliers, spikes, or general trends that will bring you clarity in your goals and strategy.

Whether you want to monitor one channel, or do a thorough analysis of all channels and compare them against your competitors, you'll easily evaluate your impact in no time.

Track what you want, with metrics you need

  • Compare channels to see where you should adjust your strategy
  • Use sentiment analysis to see how your story resonates with the public
  • Check SoV to see where you are vs. your competitors
  • Quickly find conversation opportunities as they happen
  • Have control over your brand's narrative in all media channels

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