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CNN is an online broadcasting platform that offers the latest business, financial, and personal finance news.
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Business, General Assignment News, Health & Medicine, Science, Technology, Politics
United States, Atlanta
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89 / 100
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CNN Online journalists
Andrew Morse
Executive Vice President & Chief Digital Officer
Mike Toppo
Vice President(Video Programming)/Senior Editorial Director
Samantha Guff
Producer II
Veronica Rocha
Breaking News Editor
Madeleine Stix
Digital Video Producer
Leinz Vales
Digital Producer
Christina Walker
Digital News Editor
Scottie Andrew
Associate Writer, Trends & Culture
Ford Vox
Natasha Chen
National Correspondent
Madeline Holcombe
Associate Writer
Ashley Fantz
Investigative Reporter
Tierney Sneed
Digital Writer
Meredith Artley
Editor in Chief and Senior Vice President
Ray Sanchez
Producer, Digital Editor and Senior Writer
Pat Wiedenkeller
Senior Opinion Section Editor
Melissa Mahtani
Senior Producer/Reporter
Stephen Mays
Associate Producer, Digital Programming
Meera Senthilingam
Digital Health Editor
Jacque Smith
Supervising Producer
Marnie Hunter
Senior Producer
Judson Jones
Digital Weather Producer/Meteorologist/Photographer
AJ Willingham
Senior Trends & Culture Writer
Drew Kann
Lisa Respers France
Senior Writer
Faye Chiu
Editor, Newsletters
Holly Yan
Senior News Writer & Editor
Jane Carr
Opinion Editor & Producer
Edward Meagher
Weekend Programming Manager
Jill Martin
Sports News Editor
Dan Berman
Assistant Managing Editor, CNN Politics
Gisela Crespo
Associate Producer
John Blake
Writer, CNN Enterprise Team
Chris Boyette
National News Editor
Dalila-Johari Paul
Digital News Editor
Marcus Mabry
Vice President, Global News Programming
Jason Kurtz
Wes Little
Editor / Producer
Brian Ries
Senior Editor, Breaking News
Nick Scott
Producer II
David Williams
Community Manager
Jon Sarlin
Melissa Gray
Digital News Editor
Vanessa Yurkevich
Business & Politics Correspondent
Matt Gannon
Rachel Smolkin
Vice President and Executive Editor
Isabelle Chapman
Social Producer
Catherine Shoichet
Senior Writer
Umaro Djau
Cross Platform Producer & International Desk News Editor
Zach Wade
Senior Programming Producer
Yaffa Fredrick
Opinion Producer
Amanda Wills
Executive Producer, Breaking News
Matt Dornic
Head of Strategic Communications
Alisha Ebrahimji
Social Discovery Producer and Journalist
Holly Yan
Senior News Writer & Editor
Mark Thompson
International Managing Editor
Suzanne Presto
Planning Editor
Leah Asmelash
Associate Writer, Trends and Culture
Roxanne Jones
Opinion Columnist
Jason Hanna
Digital News Journalist
Steve Almasy
Digital News Writer
Aaron Cooper
Jamie Gumbrecht
Supervising Editor
Jen Christensen
Reporter and Writer
Rob Picheta
Digital Producer
Justin Lear
Senior Director of Social Discovery
Keith Allen
Senior News Editor
Sarah Aarthun
Managing Editor, Digital National News
Cristina Alesci
Business & Politics Correspondent
Gabe Ramirez
Senior Producer, CNN Digital
Eliott McLaughlin
Senior Writer
Cullen Daly
Executive Producer
Melissa Macaya
Live News Editor
Richard Galant
Managing Editor, Opinion
Brandon Griggs
Senior Producer
Kristen Rogers
Digital Features Reporter
Kristen Rogers
Digital Features Reporter
Joseph Dugan
Senior Vice President, Sales & Client Partnerships
Mitra Kalita
Vice President of Programmi ng
Tim Lister
Producer and Contributing Writer
Chris Boyette
National News Editor
Faith Karimi
Weekend/Newsdesk Editor and Digital Senior Writer
Philip Gast
Senior News Editor
Thomas Lake
Senior Writer
Cassie Spodak
Senior Producer, Digital Video Politics
John Sutter
Senior Investigative Reporter
Saeed Ahmed
Assistant Managing Editor, National Culture, Trends & Enterprise
Eric Ferrell
Video Manager and Digital Media Coordinator
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