How shePR boosts efficiency and ROI with Prowly

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shePR is a women-led, Black-owned boutique PR agency based out of Tampa, Florida, and specializes in amplifying the voices and stories of women-led companies and thought leaders. From building strong relationships with their clients to tailoring strategies for effective communications and constantly innovating to deliver a unique take on products and services, Lakesha Cole, the owner of shePR is on a mission to support the rising influence of women by helping spread the movement in the form of public relations.


The company’s primary goal was to find a software solution that would help them address their advanced needs:

✔︎ the scale and complexity of operations

✔︎ a diverse client base

✔︎ targeting niche audiences

✔︎ the nature of the campaigns

Additionally, cost-effectiveness was also a major deal-breaker. Different from larger agencies or corporate teams, mid-sized PR teams need more financial flexibility to invest in elaborate CRMs or advanced platforms. Scaling the team excessively is usually not a viable option due to budget constraints, leading to individuals taking on more responsibilities than they can handle efficiently. In this frequent scenario, any time-saving methods or streamlining of repetitive processes proves to be invaluable. 

“Prowly saves us time from having to search through Google, Twitter, or LinkedIn for bylines”

Lakesha Cole, CEO and Founder at ShePR

💡 Finding the right contacts in a constantly changing media landscape

Having an accurate and up-to-date media database is one of the key elements of any successful PR tool. Because shePR targets a variety of clients from diverse industries, having easy access to a robust database with the latest publications, journalists and outlets was a key determining factor in choosing the right software.


💡 Leading media relations for niche audiences

Managing public relations for specialized topics requires exceptional skills and expertise. In the realm of niche audiences, the challenge of locating journalists becomes increasingly demanding. shePR uses Prowly to identify the most suitable media contacts without the need for exhaustive internet searches.

Just by searching in our Media Database for highly specific keywords they are able to get a list of journalists who have covered niche topics in their recent articles and tweets, within the past 90 days. To find even more opportunities, users can also head over to Media Monitoring and search for new contacts while checking who wrote an article or tweet within their topic of interest.


💡 Standing out in a flood of generic emails

shePR sought to enhance their pitching process by using intuitive features tailored for public relations professionals. Prowly's pitching feature enables to automatically personalize greetings for each recipient, without compromising the individuality of their messages.

With domain authentication and this feature in tow, shePR observed a substantial boost in open and click-through rates compared to their previous campaigns sent through Gmail. This progress in email performance not only saved them valuable time and resources but also garnered superior outcomes for their clients' brands


💡 Meeting client expectations by demonstrating clear ROI

Clients want to clearly understand where their money is going. Real-time updates keep clients informed about campaign progress, sharing results from media outreach efforts, including data such as the number of journalists reached, the quality of media coverage, audience engagement rates, and so on. 

Such a data-driven approach satisfies shePR’s clients in understanding their investment. It also strengthens the agency’s relationships and rapport with clients by providing the most transparent evidence of the ROI of PR campaigns. Prowly’s coverage reporting feature not only helped their company build strong relationships and show clear results but also consolidate costs by eliminating the use of CoverageBook since it wasn’t necessary any longer.


There comes a need to professionalize operations and align their tools with all the growing needs. With limited resources and constant pressure to stay ahead of the competition, agencies seek the right balance between delivering impactful campaigns and meeting clients’ or stakeholders’ expectations. 

After careful evaluation of various options, Prowly proved to be the perfect solution for shePR’s needs. By implementing Prowly, they streamlined their PR workflow, saving time, effort, and costs associated with running an agency.

With Prowly’s comprehensive features, shePR found an all-in-one workspace that eliminates distractions and speeds up day-to-day operations, so that they can now concentrate on core objectives and deliver exceptional results to their clients. 

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