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How Medstar Media Used Prowly to Land 150 Publications and Make their Social Campaign Go Viral


Medstar Media and their PR efforts

Medstar Media is a marketing agency that helps providers build their business with targeted marketing campaigns and high-converting websites. In 2014, they created a YouTube video to raise awareness for prostate cancer. They needed media outlets to help them promote their video. It took them hundreds of hours to research which editors they should pitch and even more time to track down their emails. Contrast that to their most recent awareness video posted in 2019. Only this time they chose Prowly to help them navigate their actions towards PR outreach.


The problem: Finding the right journalists to pitch the videos to

Medstar Media specializes in producing awareness videos. The very nature of the business requires these videos to go viral in order to meet their purpose. Therefore, the agency depends on media outlets to promote them. Some of their previous projects failed because it was too hard to find the right press contacts to send these videos to. Using Prowly PR Software to promote their latest awareness video, they quickly found hundreds of contacts and emailed them. Major media outlets, like the Daily Mail and the New York Post, picked them up immediately. Before they knew it, over 150 media outlets worldwide had linked to the video, garnering millions of views.

“I love Prowly. Your service helped me locate the press contacts I needed to make a breast cancer awareness video we did go viral. My mom is a survivor. We were able to spread the word because you made it easier for us to contact the right people.”

Chris Zelig

How Prowly solved the agency’s problems and how this translated into business

Before Prowly, promoting videos required Medstar Media to track down editors and contributors on their own. In the past, getting effective PR outreach would take them hundreds of work hours. In addition to delivering some impressive results, Prowly helped them save a great deal of time, time that they desperately needed at the moment, as they strove to grow and develop their business.


Even the best story needs people who want to share it

Even some of the best material in history, with a noble message additionally in the background, can disappear in the maze of information we get flooded with every day online. This is why it is so important to distribute it to journalists that will be interested in your story. This is what Medstar Media did: the agency chose Prowly, and thus shortened the time necessary for preparing pitches and expanded their content outreach.

Quick questions

What made you decide to choose Prowly?

We created a YouTube video for breast cancer awareness and needed media outlets to help us spread the word. When researching the best PR software tools, everyone online kept recommending Prowly. So we decided to give it a shot.

How would you describe Prowly in three words?

Fast, Easy, Effective.

What would your job be like if you didn’t have Prowly?

Without Prowly, promoting our video would require us to track down editors and contributors on our own. In the past, accomplishing effective PR outreach would seriously take us hundreds of work hours.

In addition to results, what other benefits have you experienced from Prowly?

In addition to results, Prowly saves my team and me a significant amount of time, time that we desperately need right now, as we strive to grow and develop our business.

What has your experience been like working with Prowly’s Customer Success team?

The Customer Success team is another big plus of Prowly. They are responsive, helpful, and have a level of professionalism that instantiates Prowly’s commitment to their customers.

What did you like about Prowly that other PR software failed to offer?

We tried other PR software before Prowly. Most of the other software was more expensive but less effective, far less user-friendly, and, frankly, not really worth the effort. That is why we will never go back. Prowly just makes everything easy and quickly accessible.

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