How Prowly Answers the Needs of a Global Online Health Company


Doctoralia and their PR efforts

Doctoralia is a booking service for medical appointments, co-founded by a group of business school and MD students from Barcelona. In 2016 it merged with a similar service in Poland, DocPlanner, to create a platform for 15 countries across Europe and the Americas, used by 30M+ patients a month. All marketplaces are now part of the DocPlanner Group. Their mission is to “make the healthcare experience more human”. Doctoralia wants patients to find the perfect doctor and book an appointment in the easiest way. They also help healthcare professionals strengthen their relationship with patients, optimizing their facility management, and enhancing their online visibility. “The patient journey should be enjoyable, and that's why we are always next to them: to help them find the best possible care” is their motto, which they translate into real functionalities in the application. They also wanted to approach their communication in a modern way. Having a complete PR CRM was a remedy that could give them time to other, more strategic tasks


The problem: finding an online newsroom that meets the company’s expectations

Their company has grown a lot in the past years, so they needed to dedicate time to other areas or topics more than updating their newsroom. Doctoralia had a newsroom on another platform, but it was purely a blog and didn’t meet their needs. Prowly provided them with an easy and complete way to maintain a professional newsroom.

How Prowly solved Doctoralia’s problems

Without a PR CRM, running a PR newsroom would probably involve a lot more work. Prowly helped the Spanish company save a great deal of time, which they needed to spend on strategic communication activities and have a specific place to share their content with the media. Another fact in favor of Prowly was that their PR team in Poland was already using the platform, which they recommended to Doctoralia.

We had a newsroom on another platform, but it was purely a blog and it didn’t meet our expectations. Prowly provided us with an easy way to have a complete and professional newsroom.

Teresa Llobet

Quick questions

What made you decide to choose Prowly?

Our PR team in Poland was already using the platform and they recommended it to us.

How would you describe Prowly in three words?

Easy, complete, user-friendly.

What would your job be like if you didn’t have Prowly?

Without Prowly having a newsroom would probably require a lot more work. Now we have the platform and we just have to upload our content.

What has your experience been like working with Prowly’s Customer Success team?

Prowly’s CS team has always had a quick response when we needed help. They’re attentive, fast and effective.

How has PR changed in the past several years? How has Prowly helped you keep up?

Our company has grown a lot in the past few years, so we needed to dedicate time to other areas or topics more than updating our newsroom. Having a complete newsroom platform has saved us a lot of time that we have been able to dedicate to other tasks.

What did you like about Prowly that other PR software failed to offer?

It’s completeness. We only use the newsroom tool, but it offers a wide range of tools for PR managing. So if you’re looking for PR help, Prowly will be able to help you.

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