How Development Plus Inc. Increased Media Coverage with Prowly


Development Plus Inc. specializes in custom design & manufacturing for the video game and entertainment industries. From apparel, accessories, and collectibles, to high-end collectors editions - the company has the talent, tools, and manufacturing capability to do it all.  Over the years, they have been fortunate to collaborate with some amazing clients. What was lacking, though, was a good platform for engaging and communicating with the press and media outlets. That’s how Prowly came into the picture.


With a big product launch coming up, engaging the press became more important than ever. But, without a dedicated PR platform, communicating with the media wasn’t that simple. The team also had to use multiple tools to get the job done, which wasn’t very effective in the long run. 

Prowly hit the largest number of requirements that we had for a PR tool. Ease of use, an integrated database of media contacts, and good reporting features stood out to us.  

Jon Schindehette

With Prowly, Development Plus Inc. managed to increase media coverage

Prowly hit the largest number of requirements Development Plus Inc. had for PR software. Since then, they’ve used Prowly for communicating with the press: from finding media contacts and pitching them, to creating press releases and maintaining an online newsroom. There’s no need to use multiple tools to get the job done anymore. More importantly, however, the team has seen yet another benefit: increased press and media coverage.


Initially, Development Plus Inc. chose Prowly for an important product launch, but the PR software helped them with much more than that. It made it easy to get PR work done, and increased the chances of media coverage in the process.  

Quick questions

How would you describe Prowly in three words?

Simple. Effective. Affordable.

Was there any specific incident that pushed you to look for a new solution?

A big product launch that needed to get more eyes than our current outreach projects.

What criteria did you have when you were looking for a solution?

Ease of use, an integrated media database, good reporting.

What would your job be like if you didn’t have Prowly?

I'd still be working with multiple platforms to get the job done. 

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