5 Ways to Expand Your Business Through Social Media

When Red Bull wanted to raise awareness of their new “Summer Edition” flavor, they used Instagram (among other potent strategies) to create the right buzz around this new product among their target audience. The result? Not just a 10-point increase in awareness, but also 1.2 million consumers reached via the campaign. Talk about expanding their reach for a very specific flavor of their already loved product, of a brand that already has a massive audience across the globe. If such a famous brand is doing their best to get to their customers and be creative with their campaigns, why should your brand be any different?

There are so many different ways in which your company can benefit from social media strategies, from growing your brand’s visibility, boosting sales, all the way to generating customer engagement for your existing and new products alike. What matters is how you use these platforms, so make sure to include the following five principles of social media for expanding your business reach.

Ensure posting consistency

Your social media manager could very well be a creative genius, but if they post haphazardly and keep your audience in the dark as to when they can expect updates, you might as well abandon the whole social media realm altogether. Scheduling your social media posts is key in reaching the right people at the right time, especially when you have very specific goals attached to your social media efforts.

Whether you’re looking to boost visibility, engagement, increase website visits, test how certain products are perceived, or anything in between, you need to tailor your schedule to meet the needs of your followers. Use your social analytics tools to get insights into when they are most active and when you should post to get the response you need.

Get creative with giveaways

Sometimes you need to give your social media audience a little taste of what your brand stands for to get them genuinely interested to fully commit to you. A perfect way to do just that is to create engaging contests and giveaways over social media platforms that will inspire your followers to share your content in exchange for a freebie of some sort. What matters is that you choose freebies that resonate with your audience and that will get them to engage during the contest.

The main prize can be a branded universal gift card that will give your winner a chance to spend a certain amount at your store, which is especially popular during the holiday season. You can offer several tiers of prizes for other contestants, just make sure they are useful and creative. Plus, make clear instructions as to how the prizes are allocated, so that nobody would end up feeling cheated out of their prize. Clear step-by-step instructions in your posts are a must, so keep it simple, and watch those engagement rates soar.

Work alongside influencers

This is certainly not a new idea, and it will not wane in relevance for years to come, or for as long as we have social media as a relevant part of our existence. Just like customer reviews are potent in inspiring new purchases and boosting loyalty, influencers have earned their influence by providing relevant opinions and reviews of brands they like and appreciate. Their followers are much more likely to trust a brand upon seeing that very influencer using the brand’s products, so it stands to reason that you can boost your sales when you work with the right people in your industry.

However, it’s vital to remember that these relationships are by no means brief. You should treat them as long-term bonds, partnerships, as a commitment that they can represent your brand as long as you share those core values.

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Keep an eye on relevant topics and trends

There’s no real use in talking about animal print if the latest collections are all about tie-dye or polka dots. This might be an oversimplified example, but trends do matter and they do shape how your audience will perceive you on social media. You need to be in the know, and preferably at the very forefront of the rising trends in your industry to stay relevant in any ongoing conversations.

To do so, you can use social media monitoring tools that help you keep an eye on your competitors that are considered leaders in your industry, to check the context in which your brand name appears, and to monitor how certain keywords for your market are used, and when you can join a conversation to be helpful or educate someone.

User-generated content front and center

Unlike the brands of yore, modern companies are not made by their CEOs or the COOs, or any other fancy titled ladies and gentlemen out there. They are made by the users who love them, those who promote them, and those who criticize them online as well as offline. Social media is the best possible example of how brands are created by the communication they inspire, and by the people who shape the perception of your brand.

In the spirit of customer-centric thinking, let your customers post and tag you on social media. In fact encourage them to do so. In addition to regular posts, comments, and shares, empower your customers to post reviews on social media. As it turns out, reviews are a perfect way to build credibility for your brand, and a great way to reaffirm your standing in your industry.

As the world is getting more densely populated by brands eager to earn the spotlight, you should use your social media powers to make sure your business is as relevant as ever. Make these five simple tactics a relevant segment of your social strategy to maximize the effectiveness of every campaign you publish.