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Prowly, career success made simple

At Prowly (pronounced: prau-lee), we learn how to be better every single day so that others might follow. We’re a global business that creates next-generation software for PR, and in 2020 we joined Semrush, a leading MarTech company listed on the NYSE.
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Prowly means people. We share the glory and celebrate our achievements together, as success always has many parents. We look for solutions and have the freedom to make mistakes. We are friendly and always ready to help anyone in need of support. Here you can love whoever you want and be whoever you want, provided that you respect others.

Prowly is remote-first, so our team doesn't have to come into the office. What counts is you and the quality of the tasks you deliver.

Our priority is life-work balance. We are a team of good companions, not a family. Why? Because we know how important your private life and your loved ones are and we don’t want to compete with them. But we bet that you will make great friends here. 

We are not for everyone. If you avoid taking risks, don’t respect diversity, like routine, or enjoy being alone in the spotlight, you might have difficulties settling in. 

By creating next-generation software for PR, we continuously strive to be better and better, hoping others will follow us on this journey.

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Introducing the #StayProwly campaign

As a company, a team and as individuals, we believe in becoming the best version of ourselves. However, to achieve success, you have to face some struggles, failures, and unexpected events. We consider all of these as key moments that define us today and mark our progress.

We want to tell you more about us. Yet, we believe it's best to show you. Every week we're going to share a new video highlighting an interesting milestone in our journey, with four stories in total. You can watch them below or on our social media profiles. Why wait? Watch them now and get to know us!

#StayTrue, #StayKind, #StayFlexible, #StayCreative

Discover Prowly's milestones

We are confident that everything is possible, there’s no shame in failing– only in not trying. #StayCreative

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Open Positions

Trust Paid Time Off

Take extra paid time off when you need it, beyond the standard number of days. We trust our coworkers with being able to organize their work in such a way as to achieve their intended results and to take care of their well-being.

Remote work

We are a remote-first company, so you don’t need to work from the office. However, if you feel like it, you can always pop into our Warsaw office, or our co-work in Łódź in the OFF Piotrkowska Center.

Health and sports benefits

Prowly partially covers the cost of private medical care (Medicover) and a sports card (MultiSport). We cover a fixed amount, regardless of which plan you choose.

Development budget

We have an additional budget for employee development. Online courses, webinars, trainings, conferences – you name it!

Mental Health at Work Program

Our coworkers can set up unlimited, private support sessions (PL or EN) with professional therapists. Our partner, Mental Health at Work, ensures full confidentiality.

English language courses

You can choose between group classes, which are covered by the company, or individual lessons, where Prowly covers 50% of the cost. All classes are led by native speakers.

Integration meetings

Each year, we organize two company meetings - one around summertime and the second one in December in the form of an End of the Year party. These meetings always turn out to be legendary! :)

Transparent and relaxed working environment

Don't be afraid to take initiative, look for solutions, give feedback and experiment. Want to join a project outside your team? No problem! If you can add value, you are welcome to engage.

Pro tools

At Prowly, we provide top-notch equipment. We work with Apple hardware, plus, our Tech team works with the latest versions of technologies such as Ruby, Angular, Node, Typescript, PostgreSQL.

Prowly Referral Program

We encourage our coworkers to recommend candidates for open vacancies at Prowly, for which they’ll receive a bonus if the candidate is successfully hired.

Meet us

  • "I’ve joined Prowly because it was a totally different career path from what I’ve been pursuing. Turns out, I’m learning something new each day and I couldn’t be more pleased.

    From the very first day, I could tell that Prowly was a place where I’d feel comfortable. I wasn’t mistaken and as the days went by I’ve managed to establish a connection with my incredible co-workers.

    The help I’ve received during the onboarding process was outstanding, not to mention the casual, yet professional atmosphere. Without a doubt, apart from the product, Prowly’s biggest asset is its internal community!"

    Tomasz Biśto
    Customer Service Specialist
  • "My journey started almost three and half years ago when I was a student and Prowly’s CRO was had a lecture on Digital PR. After class, I decided that I wanted to try PR myself. After one month, I started my career as a customer success specialist in Prowly! For three years I was responsible for taking care of our clients, their successes and satisfaction. I’ve met a lot of PR professionals and I had many opportunities to show my creativity in different tasks.

    This year I have been promoted and I am part of the Marketing department, and I am working as a community and influencer specialist.This journey has shown me how many possibilities I have, and I am so grateful that Prowly supports me in my career decisions."

    Michela Pencz
    Community & Influencer Specialist
  • "I came to Prowly as a novice programmer. The beginnings were difficult because almost everything I touched was new to me. I received a lot of support from virtually all sides. Thanks to this, I found myself in the team very quickly. From the very first months, I felt that I had an influence on product development. Watching how users use the application that I am developing, I feel enormous satisfaction with the work performed.

    Every day there are interesting challenges and I really appreciate the fact that I can share ideas and solutions with other developers. In retrospect, I think that I could not find a better place and I am very lucky to work with such wonderful and professional people."

    Tobiasz Ciesielski
    Front-end Developer
  • "Prowly allowed me to grow professionally at an exponential rate. The learning experience is absolutely unmatched - from smaller tasks, to larger ongoing projects, I get to dive deep into all the cross-functional aspects of my role and expand my knowledge as I go.

    For me, it's all about having a real impact on what I do everyday. Whether I succeed or fail, I never feel like I’m going through it alone - I always have the support of those who work with me, every step of the way. Plus, the positive energy of the entire company is absolutely beautiful... and contagious!"

    Kamila Hanson
    UX Writer

    Voted #1 PR Software