Email is the Supreme Marketing Channel – Then, Now and Forever

The face of marketing has changed over the last few decades as new marketing channels have emerged. To enhance your brand visibility and build a credible reputation, it is important to keep up with the changing trends in the marketing arena.

Change is the only constant in every walk of life, but as far as marketing is concerned, email has consistently maintained its constant supremacy over all the other marketing channels.

But the recent years have seen a substantial change in user behavior, including an ardent need amongst marketers to increase their customer base. This has given birth to breakthrough concepts like accessible emails, to help reach out to all your subscribers including the “specially-abled” individuals who are facing difficulty in accessing your emails.

Let’s understand how email marketing has made it to the top as the best marketing channel.

Everyone has an email account

Unlike social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, everyone uses email.

Whether your subscriber is a veteran, a millennial or a baby boomer, email is an easy and convenient medium to use for one and all. Moreover, email is an important requisite to use most of the services these days and that has made it even more powerful.

Here’s a statistic to show the growth of email accounts over the past 5 years.

Email is the Supreme Marketing Channel – Then, Now and Forever
Image Source:  Statista

Email marketing is permission-based

Email marketing is more customer-centric than any other channel. This is because a subscriber has offered explicit consent to receive email communications from the brand. Usually, email marketers build their email lists organically (with a double opt-in method) and that helps in sending relevant emails to prospects who are keen to purchase from you.

Marketers have a greater control over email marketing

Struggling to increase Facebook likes and Instagram or Twitter followers? That is the blasphemy of social media marketing. You have no control over the people who have liked your page or followed you. The constant changes in their algorithms have made it even tougher to reach out to your followers.

Email, on the other hand, gives you total control over your subscribers. You can even prune your email list at regular intervals to remove the inactive subscribers so that your email deliverability does not get hampered. With social media, you never know when your followers may be lost or when they might click on “Unlike” or stop following you. Therefore, email marketing basks in the glory of being the “KING” among the marketing channels.

Emails are adapting quickly to the ‘visual’ advancements

There was a time when emails were nothing more than plain text communication exchanged digitally. They gradually evolved to include rich media like images, GIF animations, cinemagraphs, and videos. Today, it is possible to add interactive elements such as menus, sliders, accordions, rotating banners, etc. and transform your emails into mailable microsites.

The good news for email marketers is that email clients have started supporting these visual elements and enabled a flawless inbox experience for the subscribers.

Emails are effective at every stage of the buyer’s journey

Whether your subscriber is at the awareness stage, consideration stage or decision stage, emails work for every prospective buyer. If a subscriber has just signed up, they are in the awareness stage and you can send out emails that introduce them to your brand. Once you have informed them about your products and services, you can nurture them by offering a free trial along with a couple of testimonials by your existing customers. After all, nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than the instant buyers.

In the decision stage, you can send out persuasive emails with the price quotation. You can even send out a special incentive valid for a limited time to facilitate instant conversions by creating a sense of urgency.

Personalize the emails for every individual

Based on subscriber preferences, you can segment your list and personalize the emails with tailor-made content that would resonate the best with the target audience. This is, obviously, not possible with social media. Email marketing allows you to incorporate hyper-personalization tactics like dynamic content in addition to addressing the subscribers by their first name. You can even employ artificial intelligence in your emails to send out relevant emails based on their recent activity on your website.

Email marketing automation helps in saving time and effort

Email service providers allow you to automate your email campaigns and trigger them after the subscriber has taken a certain action. For example, if you are an e-commerce email marketer, you can set an automated cart abandonment email series that is sent at pre-determined time intervals to recover the lost customer.

It is a time-efficient strategy that is possible only with email marketing. It works 24×7 even when you are on a vacation, once you have set up the email automation.

Email drives higher ROI

As emails are more personalized, they appeal more to the subscriber than the posts you make on other social media channels. Thus, they are likely to drive higher ROI and encourage more subscribers to complete the purchase.

Email marketing brings in a 4,400% ROI, and this implies that you can get $44 for each dollar that you spend.

You can measure the success of your email campaigns

You can check the email marketing metrics and determine whether your emails are working or not. Monitor the open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribes, and bounce rate to understand where you need to modify your email strategy. Emails are superior to other marketing channels as you cannot get such precise information for your social media campaigns.

Emails enable real-time, professional communication

Emails let you send a real-time, professional communication that corresponds with the subscriber behavior and interests. Suppose a visitor browses for Bluetooth earphones on your e-commerce store, but do not make a purchase before leaving the website. With email marketing, you can send out browse abandonment emails designed with a compelling CTA that would tempt the recipient to buy and bring you a conversion.

Wrapping Up

Email marketing is armed with all these distinct features that make it STAND OUT from all the marketing channels out there. I had read somewhere that marketing is a marathon and not a 100m race, and email is surely the winner owing to its versatility. Not to forget, it was the most highly rated marketing channel for return on investment in 2017 as well as 2018.

Happy Emailing!

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