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GDPR in Public Relations - How to Prepare?

What is the GDPR?

On May 25th, a new general data protection regulation – known as the GDPR – came into force in all European Union countries. It marks a revolutionary change in the EU, introducing new responsibilities to the PR and marketing industry.

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Will the GDPR Affect Public Relations?

Remember: new data protection rules will affect media databases. To ensure compliance with the GDPR, adding new contacts to your lists will now require obtaining specific consents from editors as well as providing them with the right to be forgotten.

That’s why we’ve built a set of new features available in Prowly PR Software: the GDPR Manager.

It will help you bring your communication in line with the new data protection regulation. One app is all you need to obtain and manage consents within a reliable, secure environment.

Meet the GDPR Manager


Why GDPR with Prowly


Stop worrying about data protection – leave it to us

Providing data security is one of the biggest challenges of the modern world. Our servers are based on Amazon Web Services’ infrastructure – the AWS Privacy Policy guarantees the best security measures available.

Work with a reliable business partner

Are you absolutely sure that all the PR tools that you’re using on a daily basis are GDPR compliant? Because Prowly sure is – it fits in with all the rules that will come into force in May. Why not choose a safe and trusted vendor?

Have everything in one place

With Prowly you can manage all consents using the same tool that you use for PR distribution. It makes the whole process much simpler than trying to monitor various files and messages between your computer hard drive and email inbox.

Don’t waste time managing consents

Your time is precious – no need to waste it on manual consent confirmation for each contact in your database. Prowly will do it for you – just build the right form and share it with the journalists you work with – their consents will land in your account automatically.

Your team is always up-to-speed

All acquired consents are available to you and your team. That way there will be no doubts or questions whether you’re allowed to contact that specific editor.

Your emails are secure

Your emails can be accessed only by you, your team, and your recipients. You can rest easy – no one else will be able to see them. And if you try emailing editors without their consent, the system will prevent you from doing that.

Multilevel range of acquired consents

Define yourself what kind of PR materials will your contacts receive. Do you need to acquire a broad range of various consents? Or perhaps you’re running a PR agency and need different consents for different clients? No problem – just state it clearly when building your form with Prowly.

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