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Yogesh Gupta

Executive Editor at Computerworld | IDG Communications

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Yogesh Gupta

What after Pangong Tso disengagement? It’s only a tactical move by Beijing, Delhi must not be lulled

Against the background of the US formulating a new strategy to ramp up all round pressure on China with help of its allies and partners, China has taken some steps to initiate a thaw in...

What next after India & Pakistan announce surprise deal to stop fig...

In episode 691 of ThePrint’s ‘Cut The Clutter’, Shekhar Gupta explains what led to the two sides making this move and why it is significant.

Xi Jinping, China’s ‘Chairman of Everything’

With his anti-corruption purges, Xi has made a large number of enemies and he can never be sure where and how they would be plotting against him, as they used to against Mao. Therefore, Xi has to be on constant guard to eliminate any opposition. With concentration of power and decision-making in on…

Disregarding the US, Angela Merkel leads the EU into an investment ...

In a sign of shifting political dynamics, a Brexited EU led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel concluded the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) with China on December 30, 2020

The great game in the Middle East: Why the Pakistan-Saudi relations...

After getting a snub from Saudi Arabia that Pakistan should not hijack the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) forum, Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi relented to a mention of Jammu & Kashmir in the...

At China seeks tactical respite with Ladakh proposal. On its long-t...

After the eighth round of Corps Commander level talks on November 6 between India and China, reports emerged that the two countries have finalised a set of proposals to withdraw tanks, armoured vehicles and troops...

America is losing the Cold War with China. Can the next US presiden...

Writing recently Robert Zoellick, former US trade representative, observed that President Donald Trump was losing his new ‘Cold War’ with China as he had failed to reduce the trade deficit with it and did not...

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Future war with China will be tech-intensive

China’s goal in a future war will be to seek information superiority by attacking and destroying its enemy’s information networks by using electronic, electromagnetic and firepower attacks. In the recent Tibet war games, China used drones to scout the enemy’s position and convey the coordinates. Th…

Govt transfers ED’s Kolkata region chief Yogesh Gupta; posted in Delhi

The Centre has transferred senior IPS officer Yogesh Gupta, ED’s special director heading the eastern region, to Delhi, an official order said

Xi reforms military to ‘fight and win’ battles

Xi’s reforms have created a top-down model wherein he personally controls all power to declare war, deploy troops and decide the promotion of senior officers. His one-man rule will weaken the institutional oversight of the armed forces. Too much centralisation of authority will erode professionalis…

The great greying of China

There is evidence that the country’s aging population will incrementally impede its economic growth

China is investing in emerging tech. India needs to catch up, soon

There is urgent need to prioritise the resources in development of AI platforms to ensure that India does not fall behind more in relative power matrix with China.

Coronavirus makes changes that cause cells not to recognize it

The novel coronavirus changes the appearance of its messenger RNA cap to trick the host cell into not recognizing it is foreign, according to a study reported by researchers from UT Health San Antonio.

Shift of supply chains from China accelerates

Japan has announced an initiative to set up a fund of $2.2 billion to encourage companies to move out of China. Given the hardening of bipartisan consensus in the US to probe China’s role in the pandemic and take punitive measures, firms of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and other essential good…

Belt and roadblocks

Given mounting criticism of BRI, will China incorporate best practices in the project?

China is rapidly emerging as a technology superpower. This will hav...

If yesterday’s successful launch of Chandrayaan-2 is seen as a response to China surging ahead in space, a look at how China fares in the overall tech race is illuminating. Beijing has invested billions of...

Indian Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Launches His Restaurant Chain ...

Indian Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Launches His Restaurant Chain 'The Yellow Chilli' in California  India West

HPE eyes top growth regions amid reorganisation

HPE has a new ace up its sleeve, after announcing a new go-to-market (GTM) approach globally.

National Geographic Travel Photographer of The Year - People of the...

National Geographic Travel Photographer of The Year contest has had some incredible entries for 2017, here are some favourites from the People category