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Vivienne Walt

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Vivienne Walt

Soaring food prices are making the Ukraine war an even bigger threat to global business - Fortune

The world is paying more for wheat and corn.

The Ukrainian Musicians Standing Up to Russia Through Song | Time -...

Ukrainian bands DakhaBrakha and Kazka are penetrating the horrors of war with soulfulness and defiance

Saudi Arabia Faces Accusations of ‘Sportswashing.’ For Young Saudis...

Human rights groups say Saudi Arabia is buying its way into big sporting events, glossing over human-rights violations

How Assa Traoré Became the Face of France's Movement for Racial Jus...

Traoré, whose brother died in police custody in 2016, is one of TIME’s 2020 Guardians of the Year

Emmanuel Macron Takes a Risky Bet with Visit to U.S. to Charm Donal...

The French President believes he can change his U.S. counterpart’s mind on key policies. There’s a lot riding on it

Why Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron Are the World's Most Important...

Together, the United Nations’ “odd couple” can steer world affairs

Paris Will Host the 2024 Olympics. Now, France Has to Ensure They'r...

Officials say they are already intently working on how to properly secure Paris for the Summer Games in 7 years time

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In France's Election, a Far-Left Populist Finds an Eager Audience -...

After years of double-digit unemployment and near-zero growth, many French voters appear eager to listen to far-left political ideas

France’s 'Right to Disconnect' Law Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be ...

As the French government continues to regulate the workplace

Was Kim Kardashian a Victim of the Pink Panthers? - TIME

Clues point to the network of jewel thieves from the Balkan countries

Paris Attacks: How to Explain Terrorism to Your Child - TIME

How to explain the inexplicable?

Migrant Crisis: African Refugees Risk Being Left Behind - TIME

Migrants and aid officials worry Europe may be neglecting African refugees