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Steve Forbes

This Is What Major League Baseball Must Do After New Uniform Fiasco - Forbes

It’s transparent: Major League Baseball (MLB) has struck out with this season’s uniforms.

Congress May Let A Crucial Program Die That Increases Internet Acce...

There’s a successful program that actually helps low-income people gain access to the internet. Congress shouldn’t let it die.

Save The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) - Forbes

Here’s a government program that actually works in helping low-income people get internet access, yet Congress may let it die.

Free Speech Is Under Such Threat In Canada It Would Make Orwell Blu...

When it comes to free speech, Canada is becoming the Cuba of the North.

New York Restaurants April 2024: Where To Go - Forbes

Edible enlightenment from our eatery experts and colleagues Monie Begley, Richard Nalley and Randall Lane, as well as brothers Bob, Kip and Tim.

Price Of Gold Should Be Sounding Alarm Bells At The Federal Reserve...

The price of gold is moving up. That’s bad news for inflation.

Biden's Craven Behavior Constitutes One Of The Most Shameful Period...

President Biden’s craven behavior constitutes one of the most shameful periods in American history.

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Total Embarrassment: Nike's Uniform For Team USA Women's Track And ...

When it comes to designing uniforms, Nike should be defrocked.

Believe It Or Not, The World Is Lurching Toward A New Gold Standard...

It’s hard to believe, but the world is beginning to lurch toward a new gold standard.

Government Has Created Another Dangerous Rule To Constrain Employer...

The Federal Trade Commission ban on noncompete agreements is part of a government push to control private workplaces.

How The Fed And The Treasury Department Are Hurting Small Businesse...

Here’s how the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department are hurting small businesses.

Some Red States Are Helping Citizens Save Money Despite Biden's Age...

There’s hope in the tax wars. While the Biden Administration obsesses about piling on more levies and boosting existing ones, many states are cutting theirs.

A Long-Dead Vice President Has Much To Teach Us - Forbes

In our dangerous world, a long-dead vice president has much to teach us.

Biden Wants To Take Your Car - Forbes

With a new set of rules the EPA is moving ahead with its tyrannical scheme to get rid of the internal-combustion engine.

Can American Healthcare Be Saved From The Biden Socialists? - Forbes

Can U.S. healthcare be saved from the Biden socialists?

The Signs Are There: The Gold Standard Is Coming Back - Forbes

Even though the historical gold standard is almost universally reviled by economists, events are pushing us to a new monetary system based on the yellow metal.

Two Crucial Mistakes That Could Sink Argentina's Javier Milei - Forbes

Why is Javier Milei, Argentina’s new, outspoken, pro-capitalist president, taking advice from his enemies?

Can Republicans Get It Right On Taxes If They Win In 2024? - Forbes

If Republicans win in November, can they get it right on taxes?

This Is How Biden Will Pull Out Of The 2024 Race - Forbes

How will Joe Biden pull out of the presidential race?

When It Comes To Energy, Follow The Actual Science And Ignore The F...

When it comes to health and climate, let’s follow the facts, not fads.

Israel-Iran War May Be Closer Than We Think—And Could Draw In The U...

Tragically, the winds of war are gaining gale force.