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Steve Denning

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Steve Denning

Evidence-Based Management: The Case Of HR - Forbes

Piecemeal Change In HR Can’t Fix Broader Systemic Problems

How The Two Competing Domains Of Management Cripple Innovation - Fo...

Who’s To Blame For Failure To Innovate: Resistors Or Innovators?

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The real cause of decline is maximizing short-term shareholder value

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How The Lack Of An Agreed Definition Of ‘Management’ Has Turned the Discipline Of Management Into A Tower Of Babel

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The Underlying Assumptions Of The Digital-Age Winners Differ From Those Of Industrial-Era Management, And Are Key To Understanding Their Vastly Superior Performance

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Three fundamental forces—mindsets, processes and assumptions—have driven the startling success of the top 20% of firms in the S&P500

How Management Escaped Triumphant From The Prison Of ... - Forbes

How The Top 20% Of Firms Have Deployed Mindsets And Culture To Transform The Very Concept Of Management

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How To Lead A Jailbreak From The Prison Of Obsolete Processes - Forbes

Transforming A Process-Driven Bureaucracy Into A Digital-Age Winner Requires Mastering The Art Of The Impossible

How To Make A Real Case For Technological Optimism - Forbes

Beyond Marc Andreessen’s Techno-Optimist Manifesto, We Should Consider The Real Grounds For Technological Optimism

How To Mobilize The Full Power Of Leadership Storytelling - Forbes

Effective leadership storytelling must find ways to overcome the confirmation bias with a different narrative pattern: the springboard story

Why You Need Multidimensional Action To Achieve Creative Resilience...

Creative Resilience Requires Reimagining Goals Of Business, Not Just The Means