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Sam Baker

Sam Baker

Deputy Health Care Editor at Axios

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Sam Baker

Gun control takes 1 step forward in Congress, 2 steps back at SCOTUS

Gun-control advocates may have lost more at the court than they won in the Senate.

The Supreme Court’s next target is the executive branch

The court is determined to rein in regulatory agencies.

Biden outpacing Trump with blistering pace of judicial confirmations

But conservatives still have a big advantage at the highest levels of the legal system.

Affirmative action is at death’s door at the Supreme Court

The campaign to end the practice has been long and well-funded.

Big Tech's future is up to a Supreme Court that doesn't understand ...

The court has historically struggles to adapt to new technology.

Biden runs into the Supreme Court buzz saw - Axios

The court is increasingly likely to strike down sweeping executive actions.

Affirmative action exposes Supreme Court justices' raw nerves - Axios

There have always been impassioned dissents, but it’s rare for the justices to argue the way regular people argue.

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Some chemical accidents are reported too late - Axios

Some companies don’t report accidents for several years.

Federal regulators are in the Supreme Court's crosshairs - Axios

The court has two big chances to rein in executive agencies.

Supreme Court cases: Watch for guns, social media, abortion in new ...

A slew of potential blockbusters are on the docket.

Supreme Court seems likely to reject "Trump too small" trademark - ...

You can’t trademark a living person’s name without their consent.