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Raisa Bruner

J-Hope's Jack in the Box Album Helps Us Understand BTS | Time - TIME

‘Jack in the Box’ is a kind of mission statement for J-Hope—but it also sheds light on the group’s mindset

Pays Tribute to Messages of Hope at TIME100 Gala - TIME

“I want to raise this toast to the simple and most important news we receive every day: ‘I am alive.’ ‘Everything is fine with children.’ ‘Parents are healthy.’ ‘I love you.’”

Designers Christian Siriano and Aurora James: Brands 'Get in Their ...

Luxury womenswear designer Christian Siriano says that big brands often “get in their own way” when it comes to embracing inclusivity in the fashion industry. He spoke to Tyra Banks and Aurora James at the TIME 100 Summit on Tuesday.

At Eurovision, Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra Aims for the Prize - TIME

The Ukrainian entrant in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, Kalush Orchestra, is favored to win. But their experience has been colored by the war at home.

Crypto Investors Raised More Than $30 Million For Ukraine - TIME

Over $30 million in crypto assets have flowed into Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion. Here’s how it’s working.

Six Months After Passing an Aid Package, Music Venues Struggle to A...

Six months after passing a $16 billion relief package, only 4.5% of venues have received any of the emergency funds.

HYBE Is One of the 2021 TIME100 Most Influential Companies - TIME

Find out why HYBE is on the inaugural list

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The Livestream Show Will Go On. How COVID Has Changed Live Music - ...

From Verzuz to Twitch livestreams, the future of live music will be virtual—even after the pandemic ends

Let's Break Down Taylor Swift's New Album 'Evermore' - TIME

On her ninth album ‘Evermore,’ Taylor Swift explores deeper into the territory she uncovered on this summer’s ‘Folklore.’

10 of the Most Memorable 'Simpsons' Episodes of All Time, According...

We went straight to the scholars

Breaking Down the Legal Lizzo Truth Hurts Dispute: Analysis - TIME

A lawyer explains the complexities of assigning the song’s writing credits.

Inside Rihanna's Lavish Fifth Annual Diamond Ball - TIME

We talked to Rihanna in the ladies’ room and got the quote of a lifetime

A Live Orchestra Shows Off Another Side of BTS and K-Pop | Time - TIME

With the orchestral performance “K-Factor,” a group of composers shows another side of the genre

BTS Explains Why They Don't Plan to Sing in English - TIME

BTS explains why they aren’t looking to sing in English just to get a hit song

What Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Have Said About Each Other - TIME

We’re in the deep end now after that preformance

An Inside Look at 'La La Land's' Boldest Musical Number - TIME

The movie’s creators open up about the musical’s biggest song-and-dance scene.