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Penelope Bass

Senior Editor at Imbibe

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Penelope Bass

Teardrop Lounge Helped Bring the Craft Cocktail Craze to Portland

Like the center ring at a circus, the focal point at Teardrop Lounge is the oblong bar shaped like its namesake.

Landmark Saloon Is the Closest Thing You’ll Find to a Country Bar A...

There’s also a solid list of local and national craft brews, because despite the all pearl snaps and the dudes named Jethro, this is still Portland.

No Fun Is a Bar-Themed Bar

You can go there to get drinks and chat with whatever local musicians may be serving them or enjoying them alongside you.

Florida Room is Like a Tiki Bar That Got Taken Over By Squatters Wh...

Ten years’ worth of bar-patron patina have transformed the Florida Room into the lovable dive we know today.

Davenport Is Buttoned-Up But Maybe A Little Tipsy On Wine

Minimally adorned and expertly prepared, the food sings. Dishes like lamb cheeks ($16) are lightly crisped on the outside and set atop a warm frikeh salad and plump slices of heirloom tomato.

Tasty N Alder is a Steakhouse For People Too Fashionable For Steakh...

Yes, Tasty n Alder is busy at all hours, every day of the week. That’s because there’s never an inappropriate time for this food.

Wong’s King

If you go to Wong’s King for dim sum and don’t completely cover every square inch of the table with plates and small, steaming metal dishes, you’re not doing it right.

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Angel’s Cabana

Angel’s Cabana has great traditional dishes from the Caribbean and Central America — but no tacos.

Schmear Apparent

With Kettleman Bagels out of the picture, WW set out to annoint a successor to the title of Portland’s best bagel.