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Michael Calderone

Michael Calderone

Senior Editor at The Hive - Vanity Fair

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Michael Calderone

Gawker Stalker: Charting the Site’s Media Takeover - Vanity Fair

From the ‘New York Times’ newsroom to the ‘Succession’ writers room, the kids once shooting spitballs at the establishment now have seats at the table. As a new Gawker gets going, here’s how spirit of the site—and siblings like Jezebel and Deadspin—has spread.

Kathleen Hanna Is Still Fighting for a Revolution - Vanity Fair

Hanna, of course, has a lot to say, as Rebel Girl charts her trailblazing path as a leader of the 1990s Riot Grrrl movement and front person for Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, finding her voice in xeroxed zines and on sweaty stages. While Hanna’s life was chronicled a decade ago in The Punk Singer—a documentary featuring the likes of Kim Gordon, Joan Jett, and Carrie Brownstein speaking to Hanna’s ambition and influence—the film is a product of its time; Hanna had been largely missing from the stage…

“The Deep State Is Packed With Patriots”: George Stephanopoulos Goe...

A few weeks back, George Stephanopoulos, the longtime host of ABC’s This Week, explained to viewers how the 2024 election is unlike any other. “Until now, no American presidential race had been more defined by what’s happening in courtrooms than what’s happening on the campaign trail,” he said. “The scale of the abnormality is so staggering that it can actually become numbing. It’s all too easy to fall into reflexive habits, to treat this as a normal campaign, where both sides embrace the rule o…

Steven Brill Mourns 'The Death of Truth'—And Has a Plan to Revive I...

It can feel like grim times for trying to live in a fact-based world, as bogus and conspiratorial claims flow freely across the internet and social media, a subject Brill explores in his new book, The Death of Truth. Brill, a veteran journalist and entrepreneur—he launched The American Lawyer, Brill’s Content, and Court TV—diagnoses the infodemic of our age, while also offering solutions, ranging from reforming Section 230, the law that shields internet companies from liability over content on t…

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