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Merrill Fabry

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Merrill Fabry

The Inextricable Role of Gender in the History of Fact-Checking - TIME

“TIME Inc.’s researchers are conspicuous because they are women,” noted one 1944 pamphlet for employees

Ben & Jerry's Is Turning 40. Here's How They Captured a Trend That ...

Their first store opened on May 5, 1978

First Recorded Sound: Scott, Edison and History of Invention - TIME

It wasn’t intended ever to be heard again

Tennis Scoring Rules: Origins of a Strange System - TIME

It started in the Middle Ages

Guinness World Records and Ancient Origins of Record-Mania - TIME

The impulse now exemplified by the Guinness Book of World Records dates back centuries—but how do you measure a record without a stopwatch?

Thumbs-Up, Thumbs-Down Meaning: Where Do Gestures Come ... - TIME

Ancient Romans did use the hand sign, but back then it didn’t mean “good job.”

The History of Fact Checking Jobs in News Journalism - TIME

Here’s how they were able to do their jobs long before the Internet

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National Coloring Book Day: Who Invented Coloring Books? - TIME

“Adult coloring books” are actually even older than coloring books for kids are, and both kinds have a long history

Bastille Day—Surprisingly Peaceful Origins of French Holiday - TIME

On the first anniversary, revolutionaries and royals celebrated side by side

Memorial Day 2017: Holiday Went From Somber to Summer Party - TIME

People have been complaining almost from the start

Why Are Taxi Cabs Yellow? The True Story Behind the Color - TIME

Yellow cabs first appeared in the early 1900s but in NYC it’s mandated by law

FM Radio Shutting Down in Norway. Here's How It Started - TIME

FM radio was patented in 1933 and took decades to reach popularity, but might be on its way out

Now You Know: Why Didn't People Smile in Old Photographs? - TIME

It’s not just a matter of bad teeth or long exposure times

What to Know About Credit: What Was the First Credit Card? - TIME

Credit cards became big business in the 1950s

Middle Names: Where Do They Come From? - TIME

Romans may have used three names, but that’s not why Americans have middle names today.

Leap Year History: How Leap Day Came to Be - TIME

What day is it anyway?

State of the Union Skutniks—A History of Presidential Guests - TIME

They’re called ‘Skutniks’

The 9 Most Fascinating Lives Lost in 2015 - TIME

From an archaeologist to a nun

Slinky at 70: How the Toy Sprang Into Stores - TIME

The first demonstration sold 400 Slinkys within 90 minutes

Mischief Night and Halloween: A Brief History of the Term - TIME

Celebrations on Oct. 30 are a complicated subject