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Lee Heidel

Best Pumpkin Beers Worthy of Your Pint Glass this Fall - The Manual

The Manual’s roundup of the best pumpkin beers of 2018 includes wild ales, imperial porters, and other pie-inspired concoctions from top craft breweries.

Your Guide to the Best Breweries in Savannah, Georgia - The Manual

From artsy scenes to military operations, Savannah, Georgia’s brewery landscape has evolved to include something for everyone these days.

Disney World Drinking: Where to Find Alcohol in the Magic Kingdom -...

“The Happiest Place on Earth” is a little happier with a cold beer. Find out where to grab an ale at the Magic Kingdom.

Crack a Cold One and Get Used to It, Because the IPL is Your New Fa...

What happens when you blend the big hops of the IPA style with lager yeast and brewing methods? Beautiful, beautiful things. Meet the India Pale Lager.

Boochcraft’s High-ABV Kombuchas are Here (and Delicious) - The Manual

Boochcraft makes “hard” kombucha at the 7% alcohol by volume mark but on the mild end of the kombucha spectrum. The smart flavor combinations create refreshing, bright drinks that are approachable and enjoyable.

5 of the Craziest Collaboration Beers with Bands - The Manual

A band’s reputation for partying becomes s vital part of its mythos. And, if you’re really good at partying, apparently you can have your own brand of beer.

A Brief Introduction to Brewing Malts, the Backbone of Beer - The M...

Malts provide the backbone of a beer. These grains are like unsung heroes, creating a platform for the hops, yeast, and additives to interact.

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An Introduction to the Brett IPA and 3 Beers to Try Right Now - The...

Adding Brett to an IPA seems counterintuitive and for good reason. Even experienced brewers find Brett to be an elusive agent that can cause unexpected consequences. And for a style lauded for its fresh flavors, is “horse blanket” really something you want to throw into the mix?

5 Best Tequila-Barrel-Aged Beers to Enjoy Right Now - The Manual

One barrel type that is less commonly used in aging beer is the tequila barrel. Like the other barrels mentioned, tequila barrels provide their own character to the mix, often described as an herbal, spicy kick.

The 5 Best Craft Beer Collaborations to Drink Now - The Manual

Some professional brewers take the sharing concept even farther, reaching beyond their own breweries to partner with other pros. With this simple act, competitors can become collaborators. These are the best craft beer collaborations to drink now.

Meet the Milkshake IPA, Your Newest Craft Beer Obsession - The Manual

While the Milkshake IPA isn’t an officially recognized beer style yet, you can get in on the ground floor by tasting some of these excellent examples.

5 Beer Fests Worth Traveling for in 2019 - The Manual

L’immobilier de santé attire de plus en plus d’investisseurs. Y compris des SCPI spécialisées ou diversifiées. Il a drainé 12,6 Md€ au niveau européen, estime une étude de CBRE.

Your Guide to a Craft Beer Road Trip Around Vermont - The Manual

The Vermont craft beer scene may be the best in the United States. From Hill Farmstead to The Alchemist, find out where to get the freshest New England IPAs.

Give Thanks for the Best Sweet Potato Beers - The Manual

A harvest season staple that is versatile enough to be used everything from side dishes to desserts, the sweet potato also makes a fine adjunct for adventurous brewers. While pumpkin beers get all the headlines, these sweet potato beers are quickly accumulating fans during the cooler months of fall.…

How and Why You Should Add Carrot to Your Home Brew - The Manual

See you later, pumpkin ales. Sayonara, sweet potato brews. There’s a new orange-hued root vegetable beer in town. It’s time for carrot beer to take center stage.

Move Over Candy Corn: Beer Candy Makes for a Hoppy Halloween - The ...

Love beer? Love candy? Meet beer candy! And don’t worry, there’s no alcohol in these, so no need to check IDs at your front door this Halloween.

What Is a Gruit and Where Can You Find One? - The Manual

Beer without hops? Believe it or not, people were making beers without our favorite bitter friend for centuries. That beer is called gruit. Here’s everything you need to know about the brew style and where to find the best beer.

You Can Drink a Boston Lager at Fenway Park’s New ‘Sam Deck’ - The ...

Samuel Adams is the official beer of the Boston Red Sox. To cement that status, the brewery has opened he Sam Deck, a food and drink oasis above left field at Fenway Park.

Beltline Breweries: Where to Find Beer with a View in Atlanta - The...

Atlanta Beltline breweries are a great place to grab craft beer with a view in the heart of Georgia’s busy capital. Here are the best watering holes on the collection of former railroad tracks.

How to Celebrate National Beer Day in 2018 - The Manual

National Beer Day falls on April 7 every year, commemorating the date in 1933 when the Cullen–Harrison Act legalized the sale of beer and taps starting flowing again with sweet, sweet brew.

Brewers Association Announces New Beer Styles for 2018 - The Manual

The Brewers Association has added several new categories to the official beer style guidelines. All of these are directly influenced by the creativity and diversity in the current craft beer market.