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Kate Taylor

Chipotle, Dunkin' and more fast-food chains thriving on TikTok: ranked - Business Insider

UBS ranked chains by how many TikTok followers they have in a recent report. Chipotle led the way, followed by Dunkin’ and Wendy’s.

The rise and fall of McDonald’s pizza, a doomed fast-food icon

McDonald’s recently asked: “remember when we sold McPizza.” If you don’t remember, here is what you missed.

McDonald’s gave up pretending to be healthy this year — but items l...

Healthy McDonald’s menu items, such as salads, grilled chicken, and yogurt, have disappeared in 2020.

Inside McDonald's Reckoning on Race Amid Lawsuits and New Efforts -...

Insiders said 2020 created the perfect storm for a racial reckoning at McDonald’s.

Chick-fil-A, Popeyes, and McDonald's push fish for Lent - Business ...

Fast-food chains from McDonald’s to Popeyes are hoping that Catholic customers might fancy a fish sandwich this Friday.

KFC worker injured, harassed by anti-maskers, revealing dangers - B...

A KFC worker said she faced violence and harassment on the job. And, she’s not the only worker facing similar issues.

McDonald's, Subway struggle to find workers, forcing changes - Busi...

McDonald’s, Subway, Dunkin’ and other fast-food chains are scrambling to find workers to fill open positions as the economy reopens.

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Stimulus, enhanced unemployment benefits fuel hiring struggles - Bu...

A $300 weekly boost in federal unemployment benefits is making it harder to hire, according to some business owners.

Americans are eating more beef, as a 'meat war' looms - Business In...

“Americans still love their red meat,” said meat industry expert Anne-Marie Roerink. Beef sales reached $30.3 billion in 2020.

Big Companies Celebrate Pride but Gave to Anti-LGBTQ Politicians - ...

It is increasingly difficult for companies to say they support a cause while donating to politicians who vote for laws indicating the opposite.

Subway cofounder Fred DeLuca ruled the company like a demigod and p...

Frank DeLuca ran Subway like a titan, sleeping with franchisees’ wives, micromanaging, and penny-pinching. Insiders say he set up Subway for failure.

Brandy Melville: Behind the Scenes at the 'Evil' Fast-Fashion Empir...

Brandy Melville employees say the brand is built on exploitation and discrimination. One staffer called it a “disgusting company” that “needs to be shut down.”

Brandy Melville employees describe racism, Hitler memes, and sexual...

Brandy Melville employees say the brand is built on exploitation and discrimination. One staffer called it a ‘disgusting company’ that ‘needs to be shut down.’

Brandy Melville’s partnership with Pacsun is in jeopardy amid alleg...

Pacsun, the sole Brandy Melville wholesaler in the US, is reevaluating its partnership with the teen favorite following an Insider investigation.

Brandy Melville’s CEO loves libertarianism so much he named one of ...

Stephan Marsan put copies of “Atlas Shrugged” in stores, donated to Ron Paul, and named a brand after the famous Ayn Rand character.

Tyra Banks wanted ‘America’s Next Top Model’ to fix fashion. Now, s...

Tyra Banks’ “ANTM” was reality-TV gold. But many models said it came at the cost of their mental — and physical — health.

Eleven Madison Park went vegan. It’s been an understaffed, chaotic ...

The famed restaurant reopened with new purpose and a $335 vegan tasting menu. Workers describe low pay, understaffing, and “farm to trash” practices.

‘Revealing’ teen costumes, on-set massages, and a gender-discrimina...

Jennette McCurdy’s book fueled rumors about Dan Schneider, a kids-TV legend. Crew members, writers, and ex-stars reveal what working for him was like.

Dan Schneider ‘didn’t like having female writers’ on his Nickelodeo...

Schneider asked two female Nickelodeon writers to massage him and preform embarrassing tasks for money, according to a gender discrimination claim.

How Equifax used employment records it collects from 2.5 million co...

Equifax fired the remote workers in recent months as part of a probe dubbed ‘Operation Home Alone’ that investigated thousands staff and contractors.

Ex-‘socialite heiressblogger’ Emily Brill is back — and she’s terro...

The Court TV founder Steven Brill’s daughter Emily says she’s sunk every dollar of her trust fund into her controversial dog site, The Canine Review.