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Julia Higgins

Julia Higgins

Associate Editor at Whisky Advocate

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Julia Higgins

Man Runs Into Burning Building To Save His Dog - DogTime

Would you risk your life to save the life of your best friend?

Man Gets 10 Years For Dragging Dog Behind Truck - DogTime

Two women saw a truck driving erratically and were horrified when they realized that a dog was being dragged behind the vehicle.

Police Dog Saves Cop Ambushed By 3 Criminals Near The Woods - DogTime

Isolated and far from backup a police officer is attacked by three men, thank God his K9 unit was there to back him up...

38 Dog Bed Hogs [PHOTO GALLERY] - DogTime

Sometimes you just gotta stretch out.

He Made A Career Photographing Homeless & Special Needs Animals: Me...

It all started when he adopted a blind cat in 2005 and now it’s turned into not only his passion, but his career.

Gender stereotypes are still pervasive in our culture | Letters

Letters: Girls’ subject choices in school are one clear symptom of their unequal experiences, says Julia Higgins

Russell Oberlin: 1928 - 2016 - The Boston Musical Intelligencer

The stuff of legend since his retirement from the concert stage in 1965, the distinguished countertenor died in New York City on November 26, 2016 at the age of 88. Russell Oberlin’s legacy will long endure in the recordings he made and musicians he mentored and inspired. One such shares his persona

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Immigration: The Myth of the Melting Pot

There is a rich American tradition of rejecting immigrants and refugees, and those who make it here face calls to assimilate and deny their cultural roots.

The rise and fall of the American “melting pot”

Though the United States once prided itself on its “melting pot” of cultures, xenophobia and forced assimilation practices constantly plagued new immigrants.

Everyone has blue eyes. They just don’t know it yet.

The boom in eye accessories has led to a new procedure that can permanently change the color of your irises. But is vanity really worth it?

Want to boost the economy? Take a nap at work.

As American employees let their heads fall to their desks, employers see their productivity rise, and entrepreneurs in the sleep industry make big profits.

No country for men: Umoja, an all-female village in northern Kenya

The women of Umoja come from separate Samburu villages scattered across Kenya’s Rift Valley, yet they all share one feature: they are the victims of abuse, rape, forced marriages, and fled their male-dominated communities in favor of a female utopia.