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Janell Ross

Janell Ross

Senior Correspondent at TIME

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Janell Ross

Lessons From a Half-Century of Reporting on Race in America - TIME

As a groundbreaking Black journalist, Charlayne Hunter-Gault has both made and chronicled history. And history, she says, repeats itself.

How Pete Arredondo Forced a Reckoning Over Police in Uvalde - TIME

The thick wall of silence that’s developed around Arredondo makes it difficult to grasp how all his training and experience failed to produce a better outcome on May 24.

How Uvalde's Pastors Are Offering Comfort After Shooting | Time - TIME

Research suggests that, in the wake of the tragedy experienced by the community this week, religious communities may serve an important role

Texas' Gun Laws Have Become Looser in Recent Years. The Uvalde Scho...

“An intense minority in the Republican Party in Texas is enough to push public policy.”

At the NMAAHC With George Floyd's and Rodney King's Families | Time...

A meeting of families who were thrust into history against their will

Black History Month Is Over. What About the Black Future? - TIME

TIME asked futurists about their visions of what’s to come for Black people. Their answers shared a few key ideas

After a "Reckoning," in 2021 America Looked Away From Racism - TIME

The year 2021 has been in many ways a singular time in history. But when it comes to inequality, it is also a year like so many others

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Ahmaud Arbery and America's White Jury Problem - TIME

“No one’s arguing that we know what’s going to happen now because we know the jury’s racial composition, but it does matter”

Inside the Lawsuit Fighting Texas Redistricting Plans - TIME

For people fighting a plan that they say would depress Latino voter representation in the state, history is repeating

Inside the World of Black Bitcoin, Where Crypto Is About Making Mor...

“We can operate on an even playing field in the digital world”

Atlanta’s First Black Female District Attorney Is at the Center of ...

The first Black woman to ever serve as Fulton County’s district attorney, she’s working under the spotlight of two cases that have drawn the nation’s eyes to her office

'Where's the Glory in Helping Goliath Beat David?' Inside Ben Crump...

Ben Crump negotiated a record $27 million settlement from Minneapolis for the family of George Floyd, the latest in a string of civil court victories

The Story Behind TIME's George Floyd 'Justice—Not Yet For All' Cove...

The portrait exists as a tribute to George Floyd’s humanity, and this tenuous American moment of possibility

Derek Chauvin Trial Brings Painful Memories for One Family - TIME

Criminal charges for police officers are rare, and convictions extraordinary