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Glenn Llopis

Don’t Waste Your Company’s Future On Short-Term Strategies

You can keep hitting those short-term targets and maintain a false sense of control. Or, you can risk those short-term targets and get yourself, your organization and your clients ready to shape the future rather than surrender to it.

The Future Of Higher Education: What It Means For Students And Educ...

How do we prepare students and workers to do jobs that don’t even exist yet? Higher education is facing one of its biggest periods of unknowns in recent memory. There’s not a single person or aspect of education that hasn’t been utterly shaken by the pandemic.

The Cure For ‘Quiet Quitting’: Humanize Work

The Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting – call it what you want, but if people are leaving your workplace, or staying but choosing to hold themselves back, that’s on you as their leader.

The Demands Of Millennials & Gen Z: A Guide To Meeting Their Needs

Whether you’re a teacher, employer or parent, preparing for (or parenting) the next generation can be baffling. But they can’t be defined as a group. They are individuals that want to explore. They want to achieve at their highest capacity and be supported in their fullest humanity.

Leading In A Time Of Change: Higher Education In Transition

Higher education is facing one of its biggest periods of unknowns in recent memory. There’s not a single aspect of education that hasn’t been challenged by the pandemic. But that’s not the only source of uncertainty.

How To Fulfill Your Workplace Purpose And Increase Employee Retention

From record rates of quitting, to the rise of so-called “quiet quitting,” to now increasing threats of layoffs – the word “uncertainty” hardly seems adequate to describe how both employees and employers are feeling as we head toward a new year.

ESG And DEI: Why They Matter For Long-Term Sustainability

While some try to turn DEI & ESG issues into more fodder for the culture wars, most recognize that commitments to doing good and to advancing inclusion are commitments to organizational growth. Both are crucial for the long-term sustainability for an organization.

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Mental Health And The Future Of Diversity And Inclusion: A Discussi...

The rate of mental health issues has increased dramatically in recent years - specially amongst young adults. How can colleges, universities, businesses and other organizations prepare for this future generation of students and employees?

Prepare For Uncertainty By Operating Inclusion In Your Business: Th...

In this article, I’ll explore a way to methodically remove the deeply embedded barriers that make it challenging to create a culture that not only acknowledges uncertainty but prepares for it through inclusion and individuality.

Sustainability In Times Of Volatility - What Aon’s 2022 Executive R...

Nearly 4 out of 5 business leaders expect a recession, but only 1 out of 3 feel “very prepared” for it. Whether or not an organization is ready for adversity depends on its leaders. To effectively assess and prepare for risks, a new type of leadership is needed: the sustainable leadership.

4 Key Strategies For Healthcare Leaders To Foster Systemness And .....

Gain insights from an interview with Dr. Lee Isley, CEO of UNC Nash, as he shares his experience in leading a nonprofit hospital across diverse communities in NC.

5 Questions For Building Resilience In The Workplace - Forbes

In this article we’ll explore how people can lead multiple teams to function together as a resilient operating unit.

Building Resilient Organizations Requires 5 Shifts In Your Organiza...

Learn how shifting organizational culture can foster adaptability and resilience, and discover 5 essential steps to enhance both individual and organizational strength.

Resilience Plus Reinvention: The Formula For Evolution - Forbes

Explore the power of resilience and reinvention in business strategy with examples from University of Phoenix and City of Hope.

The Key Skill For Building Resilience: Knowing How To Reinvent - Fo...

Explore the crucial role of resilience and reinvention in volatile times. Insights from the 2023 LAOP Summit, featuring Chris Lynne, University of Phoenix president.

How To Face An Uncertain Future? Boost Personal Resilience By Redis...

In an era where rapid change is the norm, the skills and knowledge that once defined professional relevance may no longer suffice.

How To Evolve With Others: Building Resilient Teams - Forbes

Discover the nuances of building resilient teams while promoting diversity of thought, leveraging insights from Gen Z, and utilizing AI in problem-solving.

Resilience At Scale: Multiple Teams Transforming Together - Forbes

This is the level at which it’s easy for individuality to be sacrificed in the name of efficiency, as leaders struggle with creating systems to manage dozens, hundreds...

Organizational Resilience Takes Preparation: Are You Ready? - Forbes

If we try to transform before we even know how to activate the talent and capacity within our organizations, we won’t be ready.

Will Your Industry Leave You Behind? Yes, If You Don’t Reinvent You...

Unlock resilience strategies with insights from industry leaders at GM, UOPX, and PNC Healthcare. Embrace failure, overcome friction, and foster a ‘learn-it’ culture.

Healthcare Leadership In Crisis: Time For Reinvention - Forbes

Personalization is shaping healthcare’s future, but healthcare leadership has not been trained to practice personalization. Leaders need an entirely new way to think.