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Gil Press

$20 Million Funding For AI-Driven Microbiome-Based Therapeutics - Forbes

Biomica plans to use the $20 million in new funding from Shanghai Healthcare Capital to further develop its pipeline of microbiome-based therapeutics.

Want To Experience The Future Of Search? Go To

An open platform for search heralds a new way to manage our online experiences.

First-Ever AI Video Platform Integrating Text-Generated Image And A...

The first multimodal generative AI video platform to combine text, image and animation in one interface.

Working With AI Today As A Guide To The Future Of Work

Working with AI is an engaging, well-documented investigation into the nature of work today and tomorrow.

Analysts Predictions About AI In 2023

The future of AI, according to Forrester, IDC and Gartner.

State Of AI, December 2022

A random selection of recent AI news.

AI Is A Mirror, Not A Master, Says Tim O’Reilly - Forbes

Tim O’Reilly on fixing AI by fixing ourselves.

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History Of AI In 33 Breakthroughs: Digital Storage

The information explosion has turned into the big digital data explosion, enabling deep learning-driven data analysis, today’s AI

AI For Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Gets U.S. FDA Approval

The AEYE Health AI model performs better than human experts, diagnosing diabetes from otherwise healthy retinas.

Israel’s Most Active Venture Investor OurCrowd Reaches $2 Billion I...

OurCrowd will host its 10th anniversary celebration at the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit on February 15, 2023, in Jerusalem, Israel, preparing for another decade of active global investing from its base in Startup Nation.

History Of AI In 33 Breakthroughs: The First ‘Thinking Machine’

Catalan poet and theologian Ramon Llull perfected in 1308 his method of using paper-based mechanical means to create new knowledge from combinations of concepts.

History Of AI In 33 Breakthroughs: The First Expert System

Expert systems represented a new stage in the evolution of AI, shifting from its initial emphasis on general problem-solving and reasoning to a new focus was on knowledge,

Cinchy Gets $14.5 Million To Put Data First

A data-centric approach to help manage the data tsunami.

Trigo Raises $100 Million As AI Drives Retail Innovation

Combining computer vision, sensors and AI, Trigo has raised $100 million to further enhance our grocery shopping experience.

Google Cloud Ecosystem Strengthening With Merger Of Professional Se...

Google Cloud continues to grow and expand its ecosystem.

History Of AI In 33 Breakthroughs: The First AI-Driven Robot

The robot that was going to start the Third Industrial Revolution.

AI-Driven Automation And Human-Driven Management Of The Business Of...

Managing data with AI-powered automation and data product managers.

Food Innovator Jenny Holman Joins CuliNEX Team - Food Industry Exec...

Tukwila, WA, October 6, 2022 — CuliNEX, the country’s top clean label food product and plant-based formulation consultancy, announces Jenny Holman has joined the team as a new Project Manager. …

SIAL 2022: Redefine Meat to Unveil Breakthrough Expansion of New-Me...

Redefine Meat will unveil innovation across its entire product range, endorsed by leading chefs and butchers, further boosting the growth of the New-Meat category in food service across Europe Redefine …

Kerry Launches Food Waste Estimator to Raise Awareness of Collectiv...

Thursday 29 September – Dublin, Ireland – Kerry, the world’s leading taste and nutrition company, has launched a unique tool to raise awareness of food loss and waste, as it calls for …

German athletes vote Team Friedrich as

International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation