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Gavin Bade

Chinese President Xi's 'siren call' to US business hits great wall of ... - POLITICO

U.S. investors and businesses remain wary of the business climate in China amid an economic slowdown and crackdown on the private sector.

Lawmakers shift gears on TikTok ban - POLITICO - POLITICO

The administration is throwing its weight behind a new bill after previous legislative and national security efforts faltered.

House approves bill to suspend trade relations with Russia, Senate ...

The Senate has pledged to move quickly to send the bill to President Biden, but lingering issues over a ban on Russian oil imports could delay the process.

White House split delays plans for investment controls on China

National security officials want an executive order limiting American banks’ ability to invest in Chinese technology firms, but the Treasury and Commerce Departments are pushing back.

A Georgia solar factory shows the promise — and peril — of Biden's ...

Democrats want to use hundreds of billions in new tax incentives to spur new factories for clean energy technologies, but their proposals come with huge political and economic risks.

'Lay out the strategy': Corporate America grows impatient on Biden'...

American companies were glad to see Biden review Trump’s trade policies toward China, but eight months later, they have seen little change on tariffs or other issues bedeviling their business in the world’s second-largest economy.

Agencies warn U.S. firms that Xinjiang links could violate federal law

The warning is the clearest message yet from federal authorities that American firms should remove any operations from the Chinese region.

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Biden to shore up supply chains for four sectors after 100-day reviews

The administration will bolster the production and delivery of pharmaceuticals, computer chips, advanced batteries and critical minerals.

As China revs up battery production, Dem lawmakers see another Midd...

Washington is racing to help build batteries for cars and the electric grid, but the bipartisan “Buy American” rhetoric may not be enough to counter China’s lead.

Biden faces off with press at first news conference

The high-profile event comes as his administration is grappling with the pandemic, a struggling economy, a border surge and new threats from North Korea.

DHS bans all cotton, tomato products from Xinjiang over forced labo...

The aim is to punish Beijing for widespread human rights abuses in Xinjiang, where the ruling Communist Party has interned more than a million Uighurs.