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Evan Schuman

Contributing Columnist at Computerworld | IDG Communications

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Evan Schuman

Amazon to pass Walmart as No. 1 retailer by '24; the latter's store-based tack is to blame - Comp...

A June report from an analytics firm has Amazon knocking Walmart out of its No. 1 retailer slot by 2024. Walmart bet on a store-based approach years ago, but consumers changed their habits and Walmart is soon to pay the price.

Google’s open-source security move may be pointless. In a perfect w...

Given that one of the uglier threats to enterprise cybersecurity involves re-purposed third-party code and open-source code, you might think that Google addressing the issue would be a big help. Think again.

Apple is the latest example of how the remote work fight has gone l...

The recent corporate pushback against working from remote locations (referred to, unfortunately, as work from home) is both self-destructive and bizarre.

Signing up with a cloud provider? Don't forget to set an exit plan ...

It’s not simply about getting easy permission to go when it’s time to part ways; it’s about IT making sure any decisions don’t complicate that eventual departure.

Rackspace is now the roach motel of cloud platforms - Computerworld

Ever since its layoffs last summer and a plunge in quality, Rackspace lets customers in — but won’t let them out. A cautionary tale of a business that had to fight like heck to escape.

Google makes a big security change, but other companies must follow...

Google is moving — slowly — to make multi-factor authentication default, pushing FIDO-compliant software embedded within the phone, and even has an iOS version. Nice touch.

Details of how the feds broke into iPhones should shake up enterpri...

Given that law enforcement can leverage a hole in Mozilla open-source code that Apple used to permit accessories to be plugged into an iPhone’s lightning port, IT and enterprise security pros need to view mobile device security differently.

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The case of the missing laptop RAM - Computerworld

One of the best tech support programs in the industry has been Dell’s ProSupport program, which routinely answers within 10 seconds and offers excellent techs who truly try to help. It also offers a next-day onsite repair program that’s impressive. But (you knew there was a catch, didn’t you?), no…

Apple tramples on security in the name of convenience - Computerworld

Apple’s upcoming iOS 14.5 and WatchOS 7.4 OSes will allow masked enterprise employees to access their iPhone if they happen to be wearing an Apple Watch that is unlocked. If companies don’t stop workers from using this convenience, it will materially scale back security.

Have a pacemaker and an iPhone? Could be a deadly combination - Com...

Apple itself has issued a warning that its newest iPhone could attack your heart — literally.

How IT can use COVID-19 mobile crowdsourcing data to safeguard work...

Mobile apps galore have used crowdsourcing techniques this year to fight COVID-19. Now, a new app wants to build on those efforts by identifying communities (often down to the Zip Code) that are being aggressive or lenient in mask-wearing.

Why I now hate my Apple Watch slightly less - Computerworld

The Apple Watch is still a wonderful device that has maddening flaws. But we have now found some unpublicized ways around some of those flaws. Watch life is now slightly better.

Massive bank app security holes: You might want to go back to that ...

A new report from a well-regarded payments consulting firm has found a lengthy list of security insanity while examining several major fintech company mobile apps.

A bad day with mobile 2FA - Computerworld

Texting confirmation numbers is a very weak link; texting them to my landline is just dumb.

Use LinkedIn a lot? Read its new privacy policy — carefully. - Comp...

At the very least, it’s a reminder that social media embarrassments are forever.

Bringing shopping malls into the 21st century - Computerworld

Major retail shopping malls today function, for the most part, frighteningly similarly to how they did 20 years ago. Although individual stores might accept some NFC payments and broadcast beacon coupons to mobile phones, the stores are their own islands, benefiting from none of the attributes of be…

Home Depot's magic value: Returns - Computerworld

During an August investors call, Home Depot CEO Craig Menear let loose a stunning stat: 90% of all online returns are processed in-store. Allowing an online return to be boxed and handled by a local store has always been a popular feature, but this is the first a primarily physical chain has release…

Are QR codes more useful in hiding information than displaying it? ...

A Senate bill raises frightening questions. Will retailers and manufacturers use QR codes to hide need-to-know consumer information, by being vague about what the code will deliver? Also, critics ask, is it fair to disclose important consumer information only to those with a smartphone and app capab…

Kohl's Apple Pay deal illustrates why mobile wallet is a lot harder...

Kohl’s and Apple’s retail loyalty deal is a key step forward in mobile payment. Even though loyalty and CRM are essential kinds of apps to integrate into mobile payments, that’s not why it’s such an important step. The cool part here is Kohl’s integration, which makes it just about effortless for th…

Why don't sports retailers get what Reebok understands so well? - C...

Reebok gets clever with a kiosk that gives away free pairs of $100 sneakers if the consumer runs fast enough.

No matter how hard Walmart tries, it can't shake being store-centri...

One of the longtime problems that Walmart has had with its many e-commerce efforts is that the retailer has a very healthy heritage of being physical-store-centric and that perspective colors the thinking of many Walmart execs.